Xbox Live on Xbox One: 7 Reasons It's Better

Compare Xbox Live now to how it was at the very beginning of the Xbox 360 and you'll be astounded at how far we've come. Gone are the brightly coloured blades, replaced with apps, parties and cloud saves. It's an upgrade, but there's still room for improvement.

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Buff10441867d ago Show
thrust1867d ago

I agree, but this article is not needed, we all know this anyway.

georgeenoob1867d ago

Considering the Cloud is being used now, I wonder it's potential 5 years from now

n4gamingm1867d ago

funny you have dislike's, there's a reason why theres almost 1 million pre orders for cod on xbox 360.

LOGICWINS1867d ago

I'm going to Bestbuy later in the week to see when I can try out these new consoles. I remember with Kinect they had playable demos a week in advance of release.

Blackdeath_6631867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

funny how she uses dedicated servers as a reason why cod ghosts will be better played on xbox i find that funny because *COUGH* *COUGH* its available on all platforms. add to that the whole 720p issue there is absolutely no reason why it would be any better on XBone.

EDIT: lol at the disagrees. the realisation from xbots that dedicated servers exists on another platform other than the XBone seems to much too bear

IcicleTrepan1867d ago

Why are you in this article that's comparing Xbox Live for 360 to Xbox Live for Xbox One? Nothing you are saying is relevant to the discussion.

DragonKnight1867d ago

The fact that dedicated servers was mentioned as a plus for Xbox One and that CoD Ghosts would be better played on Xbox One than any other platform was part of the discussion, and thus his comment is relevant.

Death1867d ago

Dedicated servers are mentioned as a plus for Xbox Live on Xbox One vs Xbox Live on Xbox 360. Not everyone compares Xbox One to PS4. Since this cleary compares Xbox 360 to Xbox One, neither Black Death nor you are relevant to this conversation. Both of you need to troll other comments to unleash your fanboy fury. Just let it build up a little more and find someone that feels the Xbox One is better than the PS4 somewhere else and give them hell for having an opinion different than yours.

DragonKnight1867d ago

Death are you, a clear MS fanboy, really trying to call out people on fanboyism and telling them where to comment and saying their comments are trolling? Really?

Blackdeath_6631867d ago

there are dedicated servers on the 360 though...

TI_211867d ago

Nope, they said all platforms. BTW X360 also gets dedis.
The only thing I can imagine happening is that the X1 might get more dedicated servers available compared to the other platforms.
It still switches between dedis and hosts, so more dedis should equal less hosts.
Though imho they should just get rid of the host mechanic altogether.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1867d ago

Explain how, what he said isn't relevant?..

Volkama1867d ago

Aren't COD's dedicated servers for PS4 something of an embellishment of the truth?

Like the Killzone Shadow Fall "Dedicated servers! *cough* that connect you to the PS4 that hosts the game *cough* "

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nukeitall1867d ago


Except the CoD servers are the same as KZ. They are proxy servers, not real dedicated servers processing physics, AI and the like.

In real use, it is P2P on all other platforms.

You can call it misleadingly by dedicated server, but it won't improve your experience like *REAL* dedicated servers.

DragonKnight1867d ago

LMAO! Keep up the delusion nukeitall, keep the dream alive.

nukeitall1867d ago


There is no delusion about it. Case in point:

* KZ Shadowfall has proxy servers, not dedicated servers.
* Titanfalls exist because MS could provide the cloud power needed and Sony couldn't.
* CoD has proxy servers on all platforms except Xbox One

It's clear who is delusional.

Death1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

According to Infinity Ward, all versions outside the Xbox One get "Hybrid" Dedicated and Listen servers. If a host is found with a good enough connection, they will be used as a listen server. If no good host is found, the game can go to a dedicated server as they are available. The dedicated servers also performing matchmaking services to place players together based on connection quality. Xbox One COD players will be using the dedicated Azure servers allocated to Xbox Live.

@DK, to answer your questions, yes and yes. It wasn't trying either. You need to atleast look for the whites of their eyes and/or read/watch to get the context of a comment before unloading both chambers on someone. It's one thing to cause a little collateral damage while trolling, but you sent a couple real zingers to the chest unprovoked. You need to save that anger for someone that deserves the verbal beatdown instead of an innocent bystander.

MysticStrummer1867d ago

Yeah CoD will have dedicated servers on both so it's not a valid point. Talking about dedicated servers in general is fine, though for some reason dedicated servers weren't a big deal to MS fans when PS3 did it, but I do wish people would stop talking about the 300,000 servers as though they're all for XBL. They aren't even physical servers, but they're also shared with all the cloud enabled software MS makes. The vast majority of that has nothing to do with gaming.

BabyTownFrolics1867d ago

I think the disagrees are coming not because what your saying is wrong, you are right in your statements.

Its just that people are tired of folks taking every opportunity to start a your console vs my console fight in every thread.

Blackdeath_6631867d ago

yeah my bad didn't mean for it to be like that but it was inevitable given that the video is a comparison. also people are assuming that comment was an XBone v PS4 comment but it wasn't it was a XBone v every other platform. and i was only referring to the statement that was made which implied there was a legit reason why cod might be any better on the X1 than it is on any other consoles

xXxSeTTriPxXx1867d ago

But that's exactly what this article is.

Vectrexer1867d ago

you trolling ignorant pathetic BOT.. this article is comparing the Xbox one to the 360. How about you stfu and get that cough fixed...

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DeadRabbits1867d ago

Xbox Live will be a hell of alot lonelier than it used to be this gen!

thrust1867d ago

All the kids going to psn will not miss them :)

DragonKnight1867d ago

@thrust: Glad you admit that mostly kids play on Live right now.

DeadRabbits1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Yeah the kids that grew up and want out of the kiddies pool that the rest keep peeing in ;)

MysticStrummer1867d ago

The kids will be wherever their friends are, but what DeadRabbits said is correct.

Vectrexer1867d ago

yup all three of them... won't be missed. chances are they was foul mouthed and a pain in the arse to play multiplayer with....

on the other hand people that are not bots like the sonyfanboys here can see the true next gen features will gladly pick up a Xbox one and never look back...

PS4 is last gen with prettier pixels....

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ballsohard20131867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

On next-gen, Xbox One is leading in pre-sells of COD: Ghosts ...


It actually has the most Pre-sells of any game (including Killzone 283,000+) on Ps4 or X1.
And knowing is half the battle bro. Lmfaoooooo

@dragonKnight Last time i checked 375,295 COD:Ghost is more units than 283,284 Killzone Units.

what kinda funny math you using over there. Are you a fanboy? C'mon dude lmfaooooooo

DragonKnight1867d ago

PS4 is leading in pre-orders for consoles and Killzone is leading in pre-orders for games.

Also, using vgchartz is a DEFINITE lol.

WeAreLegion1867d ago

It's going to SUCK for Capcom if Dead Rising 3 doesn't sell very well. :/

DragonKnight1867d ago

vgchartz "bro." The Xbox fanboy site of choice.

Loki861867d ago

Can we stay on topic please. Also, wow this comment needs no punch line, XBL with smart match, dedicated servers, twitch, skype, and so many other useful features. Can't wait.

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