‘Ryse: Son of Rome’ new and old character models compared

A screenshot comparison between the character models from the old and new builds of “Ryse: Son of Rome.”

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GameNameFame1839d ago

Not only that didn't Crytek get busted for running fake screen shots?

One of them was blatantly photoshopped.

I would just say lets go look at gameplay footage. Not some trailer shot.

UltimateMaster1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

The only game that can potentially redeem the Xbox One is Ryse.
It better not suck.

Because when I hear news that Dead Rising 3 is only going to be 720p 30fps instead of 900p, it makes me wonder how weak the console really is.

Let's not forget that this is after the polygon drop to 60% of it's original version for Ryse Son of Rome.

So there, let's see how this game plays out.

Loki861838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Go look at the footage posted up on gaf and reddit, looks the same if not better than the trailer. Also, Crytek said in the stream that the cut scenes are in game not prerendered. Try harder troll.

Palaven1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

No matter how much you troll, Ryse is still the best looking next-gen launch game.

dantesparda1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Opinions, opinions, opinions. They are like @$$holes, everybodies got'em but nobody likes em. I say the game looks meh and has stiff last gen looking animations

Aggesan1838d ago

I would say Killzone looks wastly better.

Hellsvacancy1838d ago


Your not allowed to say that though, if you share your opinion your labelled a "troll"

I commented about Gears Of War on PS4 in a previous article, stating I wasn't interested in the slightest (which i'm honestly not), gotta PM moments later calling me a "hater"

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Vectrexer1838d ago

hey troll, the cutscene graphics are the same as in game graphics. Your either ignorant, stupid or a typical Sony troll that is obviously jealous of this awesome looking game.

In any case troll elsewhere...

MRMagoo1231838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

who cares what it looks like right guys ??? graphics dont matter right guys ???? on teh xbone its only gameplay that matters right guys ????

and the gameplay is sh!t lol. Not to troll or anything at all but you guys cant just talk about the games graphics when saying graphics dont matter on other threads. The game plays badly.

LOL how can it be trolling im pointing it out is all, and yes i have tried the game and so have my reviewer friends that have said it plays like a bad batman game, there is no variety like DMC or GOW its the same thing the whole game long.

I dont care if you believe me or not but you will buy the game tell ppl you enjoy it and then trade it in.

rela82me1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

They don't matter, and the main importance of a game is gameplay; however, when the graphics are good you would be dumb not to appreciate them. Stop acting like some sort of victim. The internet is full of hypocrisy, pointing it out is stupid. You cannot generalize an entire group of people (xbox fans) based on the comments of a minority of them.

People say stupid things because people like you antagonize them by also saying equally stupid stuff. If you worry about having the best console, than you sir are not a true gamer. A true gamer would appreciate any game in some form or another. Criticism is fantastic, and every game has one. For instance I think that this games strong point will not be gameplay, however more in the cinematic experience.

I just wanted to note with this comment the idiocy of your post. Have a good day, and try to turn the troll notch down a few levels please.

Edit: I am bubbling you down for trolling, thought you should know.

ma1asiah1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

But hate to flip it around but isn't that the same as what some of you have been saying as well that gameplay doesn't really matter if its truly next gen and is running at 1080p and 60 fps......

So my take on it is if you cant fault a game exclusive to the X1 visually then WTF we will just tear down its gameplay......which unless you have played the entire game already and seen and experienced everything Ryse has to offer well then commenting on what you have seen on the net in respect of perceived gameplay is just opinion based and not really a fact.

Not even quoting Cryteks previous games as proof doesn't really hold to much weight as it only takes one game to prove that they can make a game with a great story and great gameplay.

Now Ryse may or may not be that game for Crytek....yet finding faults for the sake of finding something negative to say is actually just plain and simply sad.

Loki861838d ago

It plays like every other hack and slash games with interesting additions and modifications. So you must hate the hack and slash genre as a whole.

n4gamingm1838d ago

you played it..............oh wait no you havent

LackaJaKane1838d ago


"Ryse: Son of Rome’ new and old character models compared"

Looks like talking about graphics on this thread makes perfect sense right?

u got owned1838d ago

@ MRMagoo123

Cool story bro...

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ma1asiah1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Neogaf are completely blown away by Ryse Son of Rome's visuals

They have been discussing the cutscene and gameplay footage and have come to a consensus that the graphics quality is the same for both.

Unless all of sudden Neogaf is no longer releavant when its users are not spouting something negative about the X1 or its games???

MRMagoo1231838d ago

You mean all of a sudden "Sonygaf" IS relevant when its saying good things about Ryse graphics ?

Is this neogaf forum relevant as well ?

ma1asiah1838d ago

A discussion on gameinformers article or opinion piece....

Then yes that also would be relevant, Sorry did I somehow state that it is only relevant when they discuss something that favors the X1 or its games....As for SONYgaf well hey that was all you, unless you can find a post that states that I have referred to Neogaf as SONYgaf????

Look the PS4 is a great console I wont argue with anyone there.

Still given the fact that the X1 has around 22 exclusives at launch with which 15 of them I am completely pysched for, and the PS4 has roughly about the same number, but I am only pysched for 9 of them. Well for me personally it makes more sense when I cant afford both at launch to go with the console that has the games that interest me the most.

You know what we are all gamers, we all have a passion for playing games why does it always have to be a power struggle. Sometimes I just wish we would all just put down the pitchforks, grow up and discuss games and hardware as adults instead of bickering day in and day out over useless crap like mine is better than yours.

I seriously hope you enjoy your PS4, I mean that sincerely. Yet I also hope that in time you will realise it is all about the games and not so much about which platform they appear on.

MRMagoo1231838d ago

the same amount of exclusives huh

I also hope you enjoy the xbone , i am just calling sh!t out as i see it tho

u got owned1838d ago

@ MRMagoo123

Great you ran out of bubbles... uff!

ma1asiah1838d ago

Sorry I realised my mistake on my way home from work, scrap the exclusives part and make it just the number of launch titles.

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Blaze9291838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

900p blocking hater's acceptance that Ryse is the best-looking next gen game to date. Then complain about the gameplay, as if every hack and slash game has become magically deep and detailed in the last 5+ years.

You can always tell when an Xbox game looks really good here when you see a bunch of comments reaching hard to find anything wrong with it and downplay how good it EVERY submission.

God of War anyone? How many games was made and high scores given for that simple ass combat system? Ok.

Downgrades? What downgrades? |

Ryse looks great to me, gameplay looks great, and the story looks like that'll be where its at. Can't wait to play it....because i haven't yet. Unlike a lot of people here seem to believe.

Tontus1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

God of War has a very in-depth combat system actually

Try harder, maybe you should give God of War a chance before talking shit? Just a thought.

Volkama1837d ago

The basics of combat in God of War felt a bit naff, but some of the context-sensitive moves made it quite entertaining.

The "move block a to point b to open door" puzzles though, they can go back to 1995 where they belong.

silkrevolver1838d ago

Those are some high-res phone numbers right there...