Titanfall Campaign Map Possibly Unveiled: Demeter

"As Respawn leaks game info slowly, we are left to speculate on what secrets this new game environment hides."

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JustPlay41835d ago

Don't they mean multilayer Titanfall doesn't have campaign does it? Looks cool though, can't wait play it

GarrusVakarian1835d ago

Its has a "multiplayer campaign".

That map looks awesome btw, i love me some sci fi vistas.

thrust1835d ago

Xbox one day one.

can not wait!

nukeitall1835d ago

Xbox One Day One here too!

Cannot wait for one of next years biggest game. March 11, 2014 is going to be huge!

WeAreLegion1835d ago

Looks awesome! I hope we get to see some game play soon.

1835d ago