Call of Duty: Ghosts - PS4 Vs. PS3 Comparison

GodisaGeek: "Luckily, we took some footage of both at the review event, put them side by side and have made this video for you to judge. We think you’ll agree, the differences are pretty startling."

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ZBlacktt1839d ago

This isn't even close.... That PS3 copy looks god awful if that's really what it looks like.

The Killer1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

well to me, i dont think the difference is that huge compared a game from current gen to next gen.

but killzone 3 snowfall on ps4 is something else.

sinjonezp1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

The difference is significant in my opinion. The ps3 version looks very washed out. While the assets are there, the quality is almost unbearable to look at. Playing multiplayer is even harder to look at. After watch bobbya1984 play multiplayer on ps4 and owning the ps3 version currently, I cannot wait to use the ten dollar upgrade. I know some may think, why did you get the ps3 version then? Well, that's the system in place until I can get my hands on a ps4 (Christmas pre order). But hands down, it looks so much better and after watching a lot of vids, I really do not see any stuttering during gameplay. I wonder where is that xboxone review?

Irishguy951839d ago

COd Ghosts on Ps3 - last gen 'crap graphics'
Cod ghosts on ps4 - last gen 'good graphics'

It looks last gen regardless. It's jsut that cod has always had crappy graphics.

ambientFLIER1839d ago

Irishguy95 + 5m ago
COd Ghosts on Ps3 - last gen 'crap graphics'
Cod ghosts on ps4 - last gen 'good graphics'

It looks last gen regardless. It's jsut that cod has always had crappy graphics. about NO? COD4 was some of the best graphics for the time in 2007. The ghillie level especially, and also the night ship raid.

aquamala1839d ago

that's how current gen games look like this entire gen, you just now noticed

Chrischi19881839d ago

thats exactly what I thought, too :)

starchild1839d ago

The PS4 version looks way better. Some people were trying to say that it doesn't even look any better on next gen systems and I said that is completely wrong. Now that we have them side by side it is easy to see.

AngelicIceDiamond1839d ago

I wasn't expecting much of a difference here but the PS4 shines all across the board. Its almost night and day actually.

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Evil_Abed1839d ago

60fps baby 60f...oh wait, it stutters.

1839d ago
sinjonezp1839d ago


I guess your ready for that washed out 720p xbone version right? Gtf.

I_am_Batman1839d ago

Stop fighting over crap like that honestly. With graphics like this it should easily run above 720p on the Xbox One, it shouldn't stutter on the PS4 and it shouldn't take a minimum of 6GB Ram on PC.

Maybe next time they'll think twice about using the source engine again.

da1writer1839d ago

It stutters huh...

Well then, it seems both do? A patch is definately going to come to clear it up but go on with your badself if you like ;)!

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Visiblemarc1839d ago

Not sure if it's just the video, and admittedly it's a small thing but the fireworks look comparatively anemic on the next gen version. Makes me think that along with the res bump, the effects become too tightened. This would be super easy to fix but yeah, this lends itself to the idea that this game was majorly rushed .

infamous-butcher1839d ago

COD majorly rushed??
no ... never. they like to take their time to make a great game with completely new features and game mechanics on brand new engines. /S

ELCUCO1839d ago

And this is EXACTLY why Xbox one Ghost is still embargoed.

ambientFLIER1839d ago

I thought it was because the xbox one comes out a week later and the reviews for their cod must wait a week too. But hey, why don't you enlighten us about the true reason?

Jaybronee1839d ago

All the Xbone reviews are embargoed until noon on 11/22. What does that tell you??

ELCUCO1839d ago

Do you think that MS would want their 720p version of COD to be compared to PS4's 1080p prior to releasing Xbox one? Theyre trying to prevent comparison videos like this from happening so people don't jump ship to PS4.

ambientFLIER1839d ago

It tells me the same thing that it did before. Xbox one is coming out later than the ps4.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1839d ago

hm so trophies show on the left side of the screen now.

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