15 Memorable Features of “Gen 3″ Sports Video Gaming

Despite the up-and-down experience of playing sports video games on the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3, there are certainly important and memorable features which defined the console generation and have laid the groundwork for the new consoles to come.

In chronological order, here is a list of “15 Memorable Features of ‘Gen 3’ Sports Video Gaming."

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Steven211863d ago

Personally I really liked the QB vision but I know I'm in the minority here

Kevin263851863d ago

It wasn't a big idea. It would have been nice to see it evolve more, but the reception was awful.

Jagsrock1863d ago

nfl fever did it better with the read and lead feature. it was less intrusive and more accurate too.

BillytheBarbarian1863d ago

This was hands down worst sports gaming generation of all time. Xbox/PS2 era was lightening in a bottle because there was extreme competition in all sports games. Now there is minor differences from 2006 to 2012 in most of EA's sports titles. While you would see giant strides between '03 and '04.

There were some nice things like fight night, nba2k, but overall it sucked.