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Eli Jones - I always get giddy when I allow myself a small spending spree on Steam – like a clan of twentysomethings on their melee at Macy’s, minus the bloodshed. So it’s only fair that when I peruse the wares on Steam, I give most games an equal chance. And by equal chance, I mean I’m super picky. One happy day saw me staring down the gullet of The Binding of Isaac, an action-adventure RPG that looks like it’s straight out of a meeting between Satan and Stanley Kubrick. I digress. I realize Isaac isn’t new, but I found myself playing it recently for a short bit of fun.

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IanVanCheese1836d ago

bit late to the party lol.

Great game though.

TechRaptor1836d ago

Yeah, you're right, hah. Just getting rid of the cobwebs ;D - Eli

Enemy1836d ago

Such an amazing game.