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Check Out How the Xbox One Version of Call of Duty: Ghosts Actually Looks in First Gameplay Videos

Want to see how Call of Duty: Ghosts looks on Xbox One? Well, you’re in luck, as YouTuber TmarTn posted two videos recorded directly at Infinity Ward’s HQ. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Xbox One)

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PraxxtorCruel  +   537d ago
Gotta give it to COD, it looks fast paced and fun and I've never played BF or COD.
king_george  +   537d ago
black ops 2 was actually my first cod game so im not nearly as tired of the formula as alot of people are. I understand why others are really pissed at the series tho. I would be too if I was playing the same game every year. but like I said, I havent been. so I might pick this up along with battlefield 4. it really does look fast paced and fun
Aceman18  +   537d ago
looks like bad optimization on all platforms by IW :(
NewMonday  +   537d ago
notice frame rate always drops on the bus
loulou  +   536d ago
iw have really f'ked up. dodgy frame rates on the next gen consoles and features cut on the current gen.

no buy for me
irepbtown  +   536d ago
Normally you instantly know when a game is next gen. This looks no better than Blops 2 and MW3.

I was kind of hoping Activision (IW in this case) would actually move several gears up due to new consoles being released. BF4 there's an obvious reason why you'd choose to buy it on next gen consoles/PC than current gen. With Ghosts I cannot see why anyone would spend £10+ on next gen version when it looks like this.
DirtyTroll   536d ago | Spam
Maddens Raiders  +   536d ago
Trash in and trash out - I just apologized to my eyes.

Also, I don't know about the rest of you, but the narrator's voice and cadence made me want to throw my laptop out of the window and set myself on fire.
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MRMagoo123  +   536d ago
Xbone dropping frames like there hot lol. So much for bagging the ps4 version , at least it doesnt look like a ps2 game at the same time as dropping frames.
Shake_Zula  +   536d ago
I think the reason why the game doesn't look as good it should is because the fact that the game is also released on the last-gen consoles. There's enough graphical balance between the versions where I can honestly say that sales won't suffer on any platform in lieu of another... including PC.

Let's take the graphical fidelity of Ghosts as a business decision and not a development one although it is a bit concerning that despite the obvious downgrade, the X1 can only do 720. Hopefully it is just a driver issue that will be resolved soon as good competition only helps the gamers.
insomnium2  +   536d ago
This truly does not look like nextgen at all. Granted it is a crappy video quality but still as far as I can see I'm definately not impressed. Haven't bought a COD after MW1 so doesn't really affect me. BF4 all the way.
Lior  +   537d ago
Is it me or is there a lot of framerate dips in the second video
Campy da Camper  +   536d ago
He was running around quick scoping the whole time! Pass.
deecee33  +   536d ago
Yeah it looked like he was *trying* to quick scope for sure, but he wasn't getting any kills that way. It actually looks like they increased the scope delay to prevent quickscoping though? That might actually make me get the game, lol.
PAYNEinc85  +   536d ago
That really wasnt quickscoping at all.
DirtyTroll   536d ago | Spam
Maddens Raiders  +   536d ago
Bingo. I was never getting it all in full disclosure, but that "sniping" (if that's what they call it in COD) wasn't really sniping at all and was simply ridiculous lol.
Oh_Yeah  +   536d ago
looks like poop bro, still has that vaseline smeary look from last gen
Prime157  +   536d ago
Yeah, like normal with the same framerate issues as PS4! that was the big thing; I got into a few "fights" with people because PS4 was framerate dropping but (supposedly, not anymore) the XBone was keeping up. This is software issues, period.

The difference is that PS4 is 1080p with software issues, and XBone is 720p with software issues. This video proves it. I'm sure this isn't even the same instances of framerate dropping as on ps4... MP usually dials it down.
LordDhampire  +   536d ago
thats exactly the reason I hate call of dutys, its just running around mindless shootem up, using a sniper for close combat....garbage game

this game takes no skill
otherZinc  +   536d ago
Where's the indicator that this is the XBOX ONE version?
This could be the Atari 2600 version.
WeAreLegion  +   537d ago
Crap. This is just multi-player. I want to see a checkpoint on the single-player. That's what the PS4 version was having issues with. I hope we get a video, soon.
Abriael  +   537d ago
Why would you care to see a video of the area of the game that affects gameplay the least?
WeAreLegion  +   537d ago
I think it's pretty obvious why. Reviewers are saying the PS4 version was having frame rate issues during checkpoints on the single-player campaign. So, people have been screaming bloody murder about that all morning. Wouldn't we want to see the XBO version, for comparison?

EDIT: I honestly couldn't care less, but nobody is going to shut up until we see that.

You know I'm not a big "console war" guy.
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Abriael  +   537d ago
Ah, console war. I get it. Silly of me to ask.
JasonKCK  +   536d ago
Actually reviewers are saying there are framerate drops throughout the PS4 version. I don't expect much improvement on X1
Prime157  +   536d ago
It's a point to be made. Fanboys arguments, yes. The difference is that one side of fanboys (PS4) is being called out for framerate issues (which framerate is BS in my opinion) while the other side (xbone) is not. This just shows that, [by your words] "area.. that effects gameplay the least?" still has framerate issues on that other console we haven't heard from.

So, unless they fix it by the 12th...
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Thegamer41  +   537d ago
I see some FPS dip 44secs into the video, but it could be the youtube video and not the game, just syaing.
True_Samurai  +   537d ago
Yeah YouTube goes no bigger than 30fps
Prime157  +   536d ago
Says the majority of the people who think it's a PS4 problem only.
sigfredod  +   537d ago
The frame rate issue reported are also on the PC version, even on high end PC's, and Activision already state that will be a day 1 patch to correct it
ruefrak  +   537d ago
Do you have a source for that? I thought I had heard that too but can't find anything on it. I know there's supposedly a day one patch but I didn't see what it was supposed to fix.
Pintheshadows  +   537d ago
It isn't really a source ruefrak but I am using a GTX770 and an I73770K (8GB RAM btw) and I am having a myriad of performance issues including frame drops, freezing, and crashing to desktop. The frame drops exist around the autosave points which to me should have been stamped out by now.

It dipped so low earlier and then froze on me for a second or two when the ODIN orbital platform exploded. Considering that it isn't good looking by any stretch then it is pretty unacceptable. There is a story regarding it on N4G right now.

It needs fixing. The engine needs fixing. The series needs fixing.

It just dropped frames like crazy before crashing out to my desktop for the third time in about an hour of play. I tried Metro LL in between and that is running silky smooth so it isn't my PC. This game is a mess. It is also the least engaging CoD I have played (I have played all of the main series and the PS2 games) and is frankly, pretty boring, even with all its large set pieces.

Call of Duty has jumped the shark as far as I am concerned. Some may say it happened earlier but I felt that after Black Ops 2 showing just a little bit more desire there was hope. Ghosts dashes that. A lot of the game feels like a cutscene.

It feels totally unrefined for a series this many iterations in and Extinction is just zombies with aliens.
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AKS  +   536d ago

"It needs fixing. The engine needs fixing. The series needs fixing."

I have thought that since Modern Warfare 2. That's why I quit buying these games.
LonDonE  +   536d ago
Activision can stick their patch where the sun don't shine! come to think of it they can stick their game and patch, seriously why would any informed gamer even bother with this terrible game? with bad optimisations on all platforms,and sub par game play, last gen graphics what's the point?
I have read even pc gamers with insane graphics card are getting terrible performance.

When you consider that BF4 is 60fps with 64 players on consoles for the first time at 900p and 720p on x1! that alone proves how lazy infinity ward have been with this game!
If x1 can handle BF4 at native 720p 60fps with 64 players you can dam well know it can handle ghosts at native 1080p! am sorry but i love Sony/Nintendo but i have to keep it real!

Their is no way X1 cant handle cod!its just lazy ass devs yet again fooling stupid gamers!
Like with wii u, with double the usable ram of 360,a more powerful gpgpu, why on earth is ghosts not native 720p? LAZY LAZY LAZY!!!!!
And gamers need to stop supporting developers like this!

Most likely the X1 version of ghosts is worse then the PS4 version and not just in the resolution department, but in frame rate too!
That's why they have the review embargo extended on x1 compared to every other platform.
tiremfej  +   536d ago
I got out of this game after MWF2 as well...I never really understood why it is so popular online....hell Frontlines: Fuel of War had a better multiplayer. To each their own...I guess.

That all being said,frame rate issues on PC, X1, and PS4 are inexcusable.
TristanPR77  +   537d ago
Interesting that I have read PS4 COD reviews not mentioning anything about framer rate issues. But if is true, is nothing that cannot be fixed with an update.

Now, the xbone being an inferior console, that is something you cannot fix with an update.
vallencer  +   537d ago
What??? Yeah you can it's just a patch.
xDHAV0K24x  +   536d ago
go away
low-carbs  +   536d ago
You just hope the xbone in the end does suffer more. If it doesn't I guess so much for 50 percent more power at launch.
Deltaohio  +   536d ago

And yes you can fix it with a patch. That's what happened with GTA 5. The frame rate is better then at launch. And from what I see the frame rate drops are across the board. X1 PS4 and PC any ways. Seeing the X1 at 720p while also seeing the lack of polish all around I'm not surprised.
Idba  +   537d ago
WeAreLegion  +   537d ago
I apologize to those of you who thought my comment was anti-PS4 or something... I don't think I've ever been PM'd with a "Shut up Xbox fanboy" before. Lol. I've only ever been called a Sony, PC, or Nintendo fanboy.
AlexanderNevermind  +   537d ago
Why apologize? You didn't say anything wrong.

At the end of the day we all want to know that a game we might get runs well and not crappy. That being said its good to know they are already working on a patch for the PC/PS4 versions.
Evil_Abed  +   537d ago
Not used to seeing so many disagrees are you? Yeah that's what happens when people cross Lord Sony round these here parts. Hahahaha. Funny enough, I could tell you wanted to see Xbox One also dip in frame rates but your brethren couldn't.
WeAreLegion  +   537d ago
@AlexanderNevermind - Thank you.

@GGJ - No. I can't imagine WANTING another console's version of a game to have issues. I was hoping it didn't have issues, so Infinity Ward would have a crapfest on their hands and issue a patch for the PS4 version. These aren't people. These are electronics.
Dlacy13g  +   537d ago
@WeAreLegion... Ok that probably is a first for you for sure. I love that not only did you get called out but via PM.

Stay classy N4G!
blackstrr411  +   537d ago
Wtf? There's actually someone that play COD like this? Wow wow wow
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   537d ago
Looks really fuzzy, lots of jaggies and you can tell it's 720p upscaled to 1080, don't know if it's YouTube but there is artifacting around the gun, pixels are visible aswell.ps4 version looks a lot crisper less jaggies, more detail etc
NoLongerHereCBA  +   537d ago
You really can't tell that it is 720p upscaled to 1080p with these low quality youtube vids.

I know it is what is happening, but judging based of a Youtube video is quite impossible, due to massive compression
DevilishSix  +   537d ago
true but you can see the aliasing (jaggies)
thrust  +   537d ago
Sure mate!
christocolus  +   537d ago
"Looks really fuzzy, lots of jaggies and you can tell it's 720p upscaled to 1080,"

lmao...how can you tell that?....lol . and those agreeing to the comment are even funnier than yourself.....lmao

desperately looking for a reason to flaw the xbx one version...aint you?.......lmao...fanboys
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5eriously  +   537d ago
We really do not have to look far as all the evidence are rampant on the web. Only buthurt fannybois are resisting the facts as if their lives depends on it. Fact is we saw very little of the eXBN0Ne/eXBox720p that conveys any reassurance on the issues at hand. Face it and endorse reality. M$ and their second console manufacturing calamity brought this on themselves.

IMHO the 180's M$ pulled were not because they listened to their fanbase but because they knew the very low preorders would have dropped even more once the gamers found out the truth about the eXB0Ne resolution gate fiasco!

What calamity of apocalyptic and epic proportions. What a travesty in the making!
SpideySpeakz   537d ago | Offensive
PFFT  +   537d ago
Looks good to me.
#4.3.3 (Edited 537d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(6) | Report
christocolus  +   537d ago
you guys can disagree all you like....it aint new.. its the way of most fanboys here on n4g....lmao.. omg. how can you discern a game upscaled from 720p to 1080p just by watching a youtube video on the internet?.....lmao..i have to give it to you guys...you try too hard .you guys so unrelenting and funny...lol

@5eriously...really dude? really?got nothing to say.....smh

@masseffect23.... it seems it has happened to you so many times right? i guess you were abused alot as a kid..right? your comment shows your pain..its kind of obvious since you can only express your hurt this way in every article and especially towards xbx fans..smh..you need help dude.you do.
XboxFun  +   537d ago
This games looks good to me too. But unlike most here, I play games, not resolutions. A common theme among most sony fanboys.

From this point on more fanboys will claim they can magically see the jaggies, darker dust clouds and count the polys in the clouds and this will somehow affect the way the game plays. Pressing the "fire my gun" button is drastically different on Xbox One than the PS4!
MorePowerOfGreen  +   537d ago
I don't know about crisper with more detail on PS4 vs the XB1 but PS4 paid the price because of Sony's marketing strategy(make devs do highest resolution possible)

Runs like sh!t on PS4 http://gearnuke.com/call-du...
Thegamer41  +   537d ago
watch the video above, you will see even the Xbox One version has fps issues and is still at a lower resolution than the PS4 version.
SniperControl  +   537d ago

Well said.
DoesUs  +   537d ago
Higher resolution = crisper with details appearing sharper due to increased pixel density.

XB1 inferior by a considerable margin, and all for $100 more!

See you when the XB1 versions performance tests appear online ;)
Evil_Abed  +   537d ago
Lol ninja please! You'd be saying the exact thing if this was PS4 but you were told was PS4.
You can't tell jack, quit your lies!
AnthonyJrWTF  +   536d ago
The video on YouTube is only 720p... Sigh, you're silly.
phoenix_dusk  +   537d ago
Looks like a PS2 game on its last days. LOL
TheFallenAngel  +   537d ago
Don't matter what version it is, it does not look good.
Blackdeath_663  +   537d ago
there is no point for any reviews or gameplay videos. fact of the matter is, if you like COD you will like this, if you don't then you won't. everybody knows where they stand on this already and really no point even trying to review this game.
123pol  +   537d ago
oh dat superior 720p !! :D everybody knows 720 > 1080p..
BUT damn that youtube quality.. you cant see how it looks because of the bad youtube compression :/
IcicleTrepan  +   537d ago
dat tired old meme from a troll
JimmyLmao  +   537d ago
hmmm, dat framerate drop --> http://i.minus.com/ip4oFvrh... (at 0:44 seconds in video)
#8 (Edited 537d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
HappyWithOneBubble  +   537d ago
I must be blind because I don't see nothing but a sniper going up and down like crazy.
jriquelme_paraguay  +   537d ago
you are blind indeed
HappyWithOneBubble  +   537d ago
My right eye is weaker than my left. Sorry I don't see it.
#8.1.2 (Edited 537d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report
bobacdigital  +   537d ago
Dont know why everyone is so uptight on rez lol and frames ... buy the system that has your exclusives and the operating system you like the best...

You cant change what devs do with hardware... And you cant judge a consoles capabilities or graphics at launch...
phoenix_dusk  +   537d ago
Did you hear that?

That's the sound you hear when my wallet whimpers after losing $500 on a 720p console.


xDHAV0K24x  +   536d ago
I'd be concerned if $500 would hurt anyone's wallet
H0RSE  +   536d ago
Ryse runs at 900p
Forza is 1080p native

your comment is irrelevant...
Max-Zorin  +   536d ago
They're trying to put on their best PC gamer impression.
bobacdigital  +   536d ago
Just simply stating a fact.. both consoles will be able to do 1080p in respective games based on what devs decide they want to do.

So it really comes down to what exclusives you want and which os / controller you prefer.. I dont get why there has to be a fight over which console is technically superior ..

The graphics on both are going to look good... other factors are going to drive sales not just graphics.
Stsonic  +   537d ago
It never seizes to amaze me how people continuously upload to youtube to either compare or in this case just to see how a game looks graphically.

Youtube compresses the video so much that brand new games end up looking 10 years old. I would rather see a minute and a half video sized 500MB than this, just like how killzone was shown earlier today.

this is how uncompressed next gen games should look http://t.co/ua5FEN6TpJ

while this game will not look anywhere near as good as killzone it will look a lot better than this video portrays.
#10 (Edited 537d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
TheFallenAngel  +   537d ago
Even if that, the ps3 and 360 version look horrible! They look like cod4, no kidding! I cancelled my pre order last night after playing it.
#10.1 (Edited 537d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Stsonic  +   537d ago
This video looks like cod 4 to me lol except now we have dogs ;)
#10.1.1 (Edited 537d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
ambientFLIER  +   537d ago
Oh stop your dramatics. Playing it now and it looks better than COD4. Not a huge difference, but it's noticeable.
#10.1.2 (Edited 537d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report
Ketzicorn  +   537d ago
The game looks terrible. It really looks like they mailed it in this year.
tigertron  +   537d ago
Looks as next-gen as pong.
Shakengandulf  +   537d ago
The difference being, i enjoy pong.
n4gamingm  +   537d ago
i might pick this up on black friday there having some pretty great deals on next gen
Loki86  +   537d ago
This is an old build and should be updated to reflect this..
phoenix_dusk  +   537d ago
-Albert Penello

Good job imitating him, sir. Hahaha
Loki86  +   537d ago
Sorry, but you have your head up your ass if you think they are going to let him break the embargo date set by MS on all X1 footage showing a final build. This was clearly an older build that leaked later.

@Kayant read above because this common sense.
#14.1.1 (Edited 537d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(7) | Report
Kayant  +   537d ago
Ahhh so this is the new excuse for problems....

*The game is out/has gone gold* Why would they be showing an old build now.

*TmarTn played this a few days ago*

All this shows is how half-assed IW are with both next-gen versions & PC. On PC it's supposed to be 64 bit only with a 6GB ram requirement yet it only uses less the 2GB ram --> http://www.neogaf.com/forum...

Nothing to see here folks just IW blowing smoke again.
#14.2 (Edited 537d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Abriael  +   537d ago
Looks like crackers already removed the 6GB restriction and it works fine with 4, by the way.
Kayant  +   537d ago
Yh i saw it's just BS to put a limit like that to make it seem *Next-gen* when we all know it isn't. Power to the community :p
#14.2.2 (Edited 537d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
MarkusMcNugen  +   536d ago
Wow... I mean, I knew IW wasnt a great developer, but just wow. Talk about terrible business practice.
OsirisBlack  +   537d ago
This game looks very unimpressive visually ... on both systems.
tudors  +   537d ago
Can't judge either console based on this game.
Abriael  +   537d ago
I doubt any console should be judged based on any single game.
#16.1 (Edited 537d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
tudors  +   537d ago
apart from the fact that they do it on here all the time.
5eriously  +   537d ago
But, but you can judge the difference between two different console manufacturers using the same (non taxing) game all else being equal! Winky wink)
Moe Sizlak  +   536d ago
This rampant fanboyism needs to stop. No system should be judged on launch titles especially launch titles that can be found spread across 5 platforms. None of these developers have had enough time to familiarize themselves with these consoles to get the most out of them. What some think is good about the PS4 or XBOX 1 now, may not be the same next year or the year after. Just let this play out and stop trying to declare a winner before either console is in the hands of the consumers!!!
sigfredod  +   537d ago
Wow it looks bad, but i don't know if is because of this video but the MP video on IGN on pS4 looked better
Boody-Bandit  +   537d ago
Either this video is majorly compressed or this game looks awful for a next generation title. It literally looks this generation. The only difference is the resolution is a little better. It has to be the video, right? I mean it can't look this bad.
MRMagoo123  +   536d ago
Well from what i have heard the xbone version looks a lot worse than the ps4 version and it also comes preloaded with all the fps drops even tho the game is only 720p lol
DoesUs  +   537d ago
spaceg0st  +   537d ago
Mmmm pretty. /sarcasm
Animal Mutha 76  +   537d ago
Yeah this is just about representative of what I played at Eurogamer although the YT vid makes it look a bit worse than actual.

Either way, any platform it just looks like CoD to me.
windblowsagain  +   537d ago
Wow that looks horrid, all versions look like crap tbh.

Seriously BF4 destroys this.
Neonridr  +   537d ago
Well at least I don't have to set my youtube video settings to 1080p to watch this clip..

I kid, I kid.. XD
#23 (Edited 537d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ballsohard2013  +   537d ago
im on the fence with this game... i was getting bf4. But i cant deny when playing multiplayer, it is fun most of the time. I just hate the graphics. I like simulations more. but online will be loaded with competition which i need. Damn what to do...?
Themba76  +   537d ago
cod is a waste of time don't get it. bf4 is plenty of competition and more players cod is the same game since 2007.
#24.1 (Edited 537d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
FunkMacNasty  +   537d ago
Battlefield is definitley my pick for my go-to online shooter. I find it more strategic, more tactical, overall more fun, and the community is way more mature. CoD has it's place though. Once in a while, it's fun to just pop in Black Ops 2 and go hog wild running and shooting with reckless abandon.

If you could only have one, I'd go with Battlefield. To me there's just more satisfaction when you take down an enemy or capture a position. In CoD, when you kill an opponent it's usually because your reflexes were quicker. When you take someone down in Battlefiled it's usually because you outsmarted them.
tiremfej  +   536d ago
I did not remove my BF3 disc from my Xbox for almost a year. BF4 is the only game I have pre-ordered for X1. To say I enjoy this series is an understatement.

I am eagerly awaiting BF4. It does have a great community of players. It is tactical, to have to change tactics due to your environment changing makes this a game that is never the same.
bjmartynhak  +   537d ago
Buy the one you have fun with it.

My thoughts:
- COD is always fun. The same fun. Always. The same.
- BF can be epic. Or you can have your team pinned down by spawn campers. It varies from epic to boring.

Both have pros and cons and different gameplays.
b-dash  +   537d ago
This is 500$
4lc4pon3  +   537d ago
They really should invest in a new engine. really outdated and it shows
ballsohard2013  +   537d ago
Ps4 is supposed to be 50% more powerful tho... i dont see that much difference...actually no difference between the two consoles...

f'ing ridiculous how people blow stuff out of order and overhype. Listen, PC will graphically destroy both Ps4 and X1 but the feeling of using a mouse and keyboard blows bigtime. i tried with Old Battlefields and crysis. Though 256 ppl battles are amazing. Im not a world of warcraft dude and after watching war thunder (which seems kinda lame on PC) i welcome ps4 and x1.

But the 1080 vs 720 battle is funny. I just like kick ass games. Socom and uncharted are my fav ps4 games. Uncharted is gorgeous but socom is far from pretty specially on ps2.
farhad2k8  +   536d ago
Killzone Shadow Fall vs Dead Rising 3 (closest XB1 launch title since they have no other FPS)..

Which do you honestly think looks better? Be honest.

(KZ running at 1080p 60fps, Dead Rising at 720p 30fps).
dillhole  +   537d ago
I can barely tell the difference between current and next gen versions of this, let alone PS4 and XB1.
#28 (Edited 537d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
HugoDrax  +   536d ago
I'll make my own comparison, because I can't tell any differences either. I picked up X360 version a few hours ago, and will also have XB1 version in a few weeks. I'm going to fly through the campaign on X360, then play the campaign on Veteran for XB1 to see if I notice any differences in frame rate/pixels etc...
Dlacy13g  +   537d ago
COD on next gen and PC appears to have far bigger issues than resolution. Almost all outlets are pointing out the frame rate issues both the PC and PS4 are having. Hard to know if the Xbox One version will suffer the same but it seems likely given in this video we see some stuttering also.
ReLLiK  +   537d ago
If you didn't tell me what generation of consoles this was playing on, I would have guessed last.
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