Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z – saving the Japanese industry one rotting limb at a time? | Edge

Capcom legend Keiji Inafune looked around the 2009 Tokyo Game Show and issued a bold condemnation of the state of play in his home nation. “Man, Japan is over,” he said. “We’re done. Our game industry is finished.”

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DCfan1838d ago

I really hate dumb statements like these: "japanese games industry is dead in the water" and stuff like that, cuz you know what? Same can be said about western AAA industry, looking at it each year with the same games getting sequels and shooters tells me its pretty stagnant.

Harpers_Ferry1838d ago

When I watched the recent trailer for this game, the absolute last thing to cross my mind was "this is just what the japanese games industry needs".

InTheLab1838d ago

What was it? The get some suck line or was it the generic look of the combat?

Harpers_Ferry1838d ago

Probably something along the lines of "Oh, so it's like a much worse rendition of Raiden from MGR, while taking cues from Bulletstorm's writers." followed by a long sigh.

grifter0241838d ago

More like a poor mans deadpool. Watching this trailer made me soo dissapointed and depressed how far Ninja Gaiden has dropped in quality since Itagkaki left. Team Ninja has no idea what they're doing anymore.

InTheLab1838d ago

There will be a revival but it wont be from this game.

And i find it funny that Infune talks about it being over in the east then hand picks a western dev for his spinoff.