Gran Turismo 6 Heads to the Moon

IGN: Lunar Rover revealed among huge list of new track, car, and gameplay details.

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Narutone661500d ago

I saw this earlier today. It would be interesting to know how the car would handle in the moon's lower gravity.

FogLight1500d ago


That is interesting indeed though, didn't expect for this idea to happen in a racing game, especially for a Gran Turismo game. I hope it will be fun :)

cleft51500d ago

Great callback, made me smile.

FogLight1500d ago

Your reply made me smile :) "Thumb up"

Me-Time1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )



WeAreLegion1500d ago

If it uses realistic physics, this isn't going to be very exciting. If we can hit a moon rock and fly off into space...I'll be very excited.

Death1500d ago

There is a probably a "real simulation" crack in here somewhere since the GT purist are always making that claim.

SniperControl1500d ago

Cant wait for this on the 6th, the only game i will be putting my DS4 down for and setting up my Logitech wheel for.

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