Did we really put up with GTA when it sucked like this? - GamesRadar

GamesRadar writes:

"They say you should never go back. But in GTA's case it's surprising how well the old adventures have aged. GTA III, for example, doesn't look half bad, and can occasionally outshine even the more recent San Andreas in the visual department. Especially when compared to the flat, cardboard desert outside of Las Venturas.

But how in the hell did we put up with all the ways it sucked? We're talking GTA's many glaring or recurring flaws that, because the rest of the game was so ruddy awesome, we chose not to notice. The little niggles, the gameplay flaws. Did we really put up with Grand Theft Auto when it sucked like this...?"

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nevelo073858d ago

heck we put up with the red rings and not being able to play for a month til you get one that works back

JasonPC360PS3Wii3858d ago

Yeah "us" gamers have to put up with crying transvestite Droids like you. Droids that have never owned a 360, and contunue to spam the comments section where even PS3 owners are getting tired of it. Sound about right? Wanna know how I know your lieing? because your in North America and it takes a week "at the most" to get your console back, they ship boxes overnight.

Horny3858d ago

I did notice a lot of the stuff they mentioned but they exaggerated it. Especially the pop up thing, I dont recall it being that bad. Regardless its a fun game, yes it had a lot of bugs but the fun factor took care of that problem.

Ali_The_Brit3858d ago

that was a very well put together article though

BrianC62343858d ago

You think that was good? I don't. I hate that site. They're boring. I don't care about any of those issues. The GTA games were still great.

thehitman3858d ago

ALL GAMES HAD THEIR FLAWS!!! Every1 expected glitches here and their wasnt a big deal. To some extent really not a big deal to me but ppl like comparing versions now of different consoles etc to make themselves feel good and nit pick at everything. they think makes them feel better

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