Japanese Profanity Spotted in GTA IV

One of Liberty City's businesses has an naughty name... if you speak Japanese, that is. The Exploding Barrel spots an unusual trend in GTA's shop names, and poses the question, "What are your favorite fake business names in the GTA series?"

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-EvoAnubis-3860d ago

Things like this is why I love Rockstar Games.

Fishy Fingers3860d ago

Good! This is GTA, the more profanity the better :)

SuperSaiyan43860d ago

Its Malay i.e. In Malaysian hahaha who's the manco now huh?

N4GayFanturds3860d ago

Why chingching of course. And if you must know mine is very ookii.

And yes, it takes big KINTAMA to use bad words in japanese. ; P

AscendedConservative3860d ago

hey bro,

it's chin chin, chinko, chimpo, chimpoko, asoko, zou-san or daiji na tokoro with chinko being the most used. i know cuz my wifey is japanese.

ascended conservative

N4GayFanturds3860d ago

You're right! My nihongo is sugoi dame ima yo, ne. I had a japanese girlfriend in college but it didn't work out, you lucky guy you!

RecSpec3860d ago

No offense, but this reminds me of typing 7734 and 58008 into the calculator. I must be getting old...

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