New PS4 User Interface Image Showing Notification Section, Message Window And More Released

Some brand new images of Playstation 4 User Interface has arrived on internet. Take a look at them below.

In addition to this, the release date of Playstation 4 for Taiwan is also out, its December 18, 2013 and price is NT$12,980.

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acdramon1839d ago

Everything looks so nice!


Indeed! Man i can't wait anymore.

GirlOnFire1839d ago

Really neat! I can't wait 11*15*13

Lord_Frieza1839d ago

Pray for us who have to wait until the 29th

GdaTyler1839d ago

Dear God, I would like to pray for the gamers in Europe who have to wait a grueling two weeks to play quite possibly the greatest home console of all time. I wish to express my condolences for the relatives of the gamers in Japan who have to wait approximately 100 days and have since gained a severe level depression and boredom.

Lou-Cipher1839d ago

Prayer isn't for gaming. You shouldn't be so disrespectful. Prayer is for increasing your odds on winning the lottery. ;)

Bolts-N-Rays11091839d ago

Looks nice, but I still prefer the look of Xbox One.

mcstorm1839d ago

I agree I like the look of the ps4 os but I prefer the xbox one look.

I think its funny that when Microsoft announced the metro look in windows phone 3 years back everyone was saying it will never stick but now everyone is starting to use the simple clean look for all there os systems and to me I think a lot of the os systems look better for it too.

PlayStation_41839d ago

I would not call the X1 UI simple and clean imo... That suits the PS4's UI more appropriately in my opinion, it looks so smooth and easy to use.

The X1 UI has a lot more going on compared to this.

mcstorm1839d ago

As I said before its each to there own but for me I like the one ui better than the ps4 ui but I like windows phone and windows 8 look over all the others too but the ps4 ui looks good but its all about choice at the end of the day and its better to have choice than nothing at all.

JustPlay41838d ago

Look to windows 8 and I don't darks colors on the x1 ui but that just me If you like it that cool

Idba1839d ago

Thats 442 US dollars.

wow, way cheaper then what i expected

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The story is too old to be commented.