62% of Japanese Gamers Want Next Dragon Quest on PS4, 8% on WiiU, 1% on Xbox One According to Poll

The popular Japanese IT magazine Weekly ASCII asked its readers on what platform they’d like to play the next Dragon Quest game, and the result were only partly predictable.

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raWfodog1780d ago

The consumers have spoken, we can only hope that the devs listen.

abzdine1780d ago

come on Level-5, make this happen.
Start with an HD release of Dragon Quest VIII.

ZodTheRipper1780d ago

And since Square Enix seems to have grown a brain (finally KH3) we might even be lucky.

lilbroRx1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

In case everyone has forgotten, Nintendo owns the rights to publish DQ outside of Japan, so even if they did release it on the PS4, it would not be coming out anywhere but inside Japan unless it was on a Nintendo system.

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sinncross1780d ago

There you have it SE...

TheTwelve1780d ago

....b-b-b-but I thought Japan was totally about the handheld market and didn't care about consoles anymore and the PS4 won't sell there and...

KrisButtar1780d ago

How many people did they ask for this poll? Still that percent is shockingly high compared to second place.

lilbroRx1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Always a relevent question in any poll. Also the demographics of "where" it was asked.

There are plenty of places you can make a poll that would give vastly different results. Like on this site. Any poll will always favor Sony no matter what because of how heavy the Sony bias is.

Go to gamefaqs on the other hand, and things tend to be more spread out and generally in favor of Sony hardware but Nintendo for software.

Abriael1780d ago

Weekly Ascii is one of the most popular Japanese IT and electronics magazines. Think the local Wired. It's no N4G.

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lilbroRx1780d ago

Going byt he disagreeing j-blaze got just for pointing out the facts, its clearly that people who want this article to me far more than it does.

Themba761780d ago

I guess the 1% is fitting it is xbox 1 afterall

sigfredod1780d ago

Gamers have spoken worldwide

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The story is too old to be commented.