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How does Call of Duty fare in the next generation? Find out in our review of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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king_george1863d ago

hopefully all these mediocre reviews will teach Activision and their devs to step up their game. otherwise it'll probably be tony hawk and guitar hero all over again

Mikelarry1863d ago

I doubt reviews will make them "step their game up" i think once they start seeing a huge dip in sales that is when they would either kill the franchise off ( guitar hero) or take risk. i will bet my top dollar kill it off

Captain_Mushroom1863d ago

No, I can't possibly see COD gone. Change it? Definitely - if the sales go down. But I simply can't imagine COD killed off.

venom061863d ago

MAN... i SO glad i didnt buy this garbage game!!!

venom061863d ago

this is EXACTLY what happens when you dont get a BETA!!!!

cactusjack1863d ago

maybe the "game" journalists are getting tired of COD.

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