Kotaku: Microsoft Looking into Early GTA IV Players

Kotaku writes: "A peek at Gamercard aggregator reveals a long list of Xbox 360 users already racking up achievements on Grand Theft Auto IV since an illegal torrent of the game was leaked yesterday and early copies started showing up in people's homes.

Neither Rockstar nor Microsoft itself have yet responded to Kotaku's requests for comment. Neither has Sony commented on any action it might take regarding video of the game being played on its network - video that GameTrailers, for its part, has since pulled - so it's unclear yet how any of them plan to address the software pirates.

Xbox Live's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, did say, however, that he was unable to comment yet due to the "need to look into this further," so we can assume that Microsoft, at least, is investigating."

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BigKev453886d ago

Early cheaters are about to get ban from Xbox Live for life. HAHA.

Drekken3886d ago

If they got it legit, they should be off the hook... but the pirate's ship should be sunk!

EZCheez3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

None of these are American accounts. Aren't there usually a couple of rebel EU stores that sell copies early?

dantesparda3886d ago

Drekken you're fvcking with me. But anyways, people its a game, its only a fvcking game. You people act like its national defense secrets that are being revealed here. If people get their sh!t early, then good for them. I know I'd like too. And for the pirates..., i dont care.

ravinash3885d ago

It may be a game, but it is also their business.
Now if your one of these people that has an illegal copy of the game, you can expect to get banned....once that happens, I don't think they will be thinking its a game anymore either.

dantesparda3885d ago

That I may have a pirated copy! I just dont give a fvck about these companies. They are making more than enough money even with piracy.

dan-boy3885d ago

i know this indie shop that always sells games at the very latest, 3 days early!

i know this is a long-shot, but if anyone here lives in the north kent/south east london area and knows of a small town by the name of Crayford! then go there, and check out a shop named GamesUK! you may just get a nice little treat!

usually games are released on a friday in the uk, but i got halo, cod4 the orange box and a fair few others all on the monday/tuesday on the release week.

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Marceles3886d ago's so easy to catch the people who are already playing GTA4 who use, I wonder how many of them will get banned...

BeaArthur3886d ago

Hopefully everyone who is caught with a pirated version will get at least a monght ban.

Ghoul3886d ago

they should ban the whole account since everyone playing has a chipped 360 and definatly many many more downloaded games.

BeaArthur3886d ago

Ghoul...that is a very good point. But not ban the account, ban the actual Xbox so that they can't just sign up for a new account. Cheating and moding is too frequent on Xbox Live and I would like to see them get proactive about it.

Andronix3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

thanks for the link Marceles
at the time of posting it has 274 people playing now. In comparison to the sales they will make its small fry. Im guessing most of those are either journalist or shop staff who've taken copies home. This is probably the reason why Rockstar wanted early players to share their Gamertag details. I dont think pirates would be stupid enough to go online.

If they are pirates, this list will continue to spread. Call me stupid but I didnt know their was a 360 pirate scene.

waltercross3886d ago

363 people playing GTA 4 on the
360 now, I saw only a few from the US,
but most seem to be EU.

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BigKev453886d ago

The only thing is that they can't track players who have been playing GTA IV offline.

Marceles3886d ago

Yeah that's true too, but then in a way they're kinda the smarter ones. I wonder how many offline players will pop up online and have 500-1000 points by the 29th lol

jackhammer063886d ago

yes they can actually.....when the player logs on to LIVE,the console tranmits the data when the game was first played.....

Andronix3886d ago

jackhammer06. What can be done is keep the Xbox 360 offline.
Change the date on the clock
Connect to Xbox Live on the 29th.


TrevorPhillips3886d ago

owwwwww bustadd i told ya guys dont download the game what goes around comes around

Phil Harrison Mklll3886d ago

thanks for killing off gta4 microsoft

InMyOpinion3886d ago

Do you think before you write your comments, or are you stuck in "droid" mode?

Phil Harrison Mklll3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

and your the biggest idiot on here
big gun little c*ck

yeh 'Jenzo' im doing a 'pp'
and if you read it you'll see that its xbox players are doing this not ps3 players. dont you read it then
'illegal torrent of the game' being played on the xbox 360
is that not killing gta4 then???????????

Doctor Who3886d ago

it shows u that xbox360 players are a bit brain dead going online with this game

InMyOpinion3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

120 million PS2's, 18 million 360's. Which one of those consoles do you think has governed pirates the most?

Do you think Microsoft wants people to make pirate copies of games?

Were you born through @ss?

Montrealien3886d ago

SO the game leaked early, big deal, will that change the fact that fanboys are the scum on the gaming industry? I think not.

InYourMom3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Jenzo Wrote:

"Were you born through @ss?"


That made me bust up laughing and oh so tru!

Buttbabies, a fanboy epidemic.

t-0_ot-3886d ago

You are an idiot... How would that "kill" GTA4? That's stupid.. How is it affecting the PS3's sales, as you point out it's illegal copies on the 360..?

CyberSentinel3885d ago

Games would need to be "activated" (and therefore could be "de-activated") by internet online service or by telephone registration. This would protect developers/publishers investments as well as control product. Take a cue from the PC MMO industry, protect your investments developers!

1 Product Key for each game (that would need to be activated in order to begin playing) that would "LOCK" said gamer to that copy of the game (embedded on game disc) to a personal user account. This action would not only better control piracy but also used trade markets as well.

Developers You Need To Protect Your Investments.

The Sentinel.

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