Jack Thompson Boards the GTA IV Bus Ad Bash

Via GamePolitics: "On the side of a bus kiosk in South Florida, there is a poster.

On the poster is a drawing of a man. The man is sneering, but he's not doing anything remotely pornographic or violent. He's not doing anything, really. There are some words on the poster, too. They're not obscene. Nor do they incite violence.

The poster is an ad for Grand Theft Auto IV.

And anti-game Miami attorney Jack Thompson wants it torn down."

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Calcio3884d ago

The more people hear his voice - the more they realise what an utter fool he is.

Drekken3884d ago

We know this guys is a fool. We have known a long time. For us to approve this story and give this guy a voice in our community is stupid. This guy needs to be supressed. He is cleary a wacko with a personal agenda with no research to back up any of his claims.

We should have done away with him when he annouced right after a school shooting that it was video games and it turns out the kid never played video games. This guy is a egotistical idiot who serves this site OR gaming any good.


troylazlow3884d ago

Oh Jack... You have become that wacky monkey at the zoo that people crowd around just to see what silly thing you'll do next. He's almost become a celebrity in gaming, like Tonya Harding or O.J. Simpson. Dance monkey dance! Entertain us!

dsolomon8183884d ago

Ok, here's my opinion on this whole thing.. First, when it comes to video games, Jack Thompson is an ass. Second, I still don't understand why video games need to be held to such a higher standard than movies, or any other media. We have a ratings system that is pretty descriptive, so do films, yet films get billboards and advertising everywhere they please with very few thoughts or opinions about it while every time there's a game with a little violence, cursing, or *gasp* sexual situations, the entire freakin world goes nuts; and heaven forbid someone try to advertise to their customers. I am a gamer, and a parent, I have 2 boys 13 and 12, and I monitor what they play, most of the time a game they're interested in, I am too.. so guess what? we play them together! I don't think my kids are going to go out and try to purchase an uzi or grav gun on the black market, don't think they're going to shoot up any public places. As far as sex goes, lol, as long as they use a condom.. high five. The responsibility belongs to parents to govern the games their kids play, (it's not the world's job to raise your kids. We didn't make them, you did, so act like it); and to the stores to be a little careful who they sell to.. I'm not saying card everybody but if a kid looks 10 maybe reconsider selling him Gears.

troylazlow3884d ago

If there was ever a time we should all hold hands while we pull someone out of there car beat them to a pulp drive off to pick up a hooker, it's over this fool! Hope you see this Jack!

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