Square Enix Revises Financial Results Forecast due to Strong Final Fantasy XIV Sales And More

Square Enix just announced a revision to its financial results forecast for the six months ended on September the 30th.

The previous forecast predicted results between breaking even and a net loss of 1.3 billion yen (a bit north of 13 million dollars), while the revised forecast predicts a net income of 2.6 billion yen (just south of 26.5 million dollars).

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vishmarx1867d ago

hopefully that means better ff games in the future

Drithe1867d ago

FF 14 is a great game.

Fishermenofwar1867d ago

i have yet to get it....

I'm getting a new Ps3 on black friday..

Going to wait to upgrade it...I loved the Beta though

LordSane1867d ago

Bought the game a few days ago, best mmorpg i have ever played.

Ashlen1867d ago

Good for them.

Despite what a lot of people seems to say around here gamers would be the big losers if SquareEnix fails, or Capcom for that matter.

MoneyMeng1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Bought it and played for a month free..Quit

There are better mmos on the market, and free at that..

Neverwinter, Forsaken World, Aion, Age of Wushu

If a P2P mmo isnt even as good as a F2P one, there is no reason to pay for playing it.

Jubez1871867d ago

The reason why it's P2P is because it's more of the complete package. Neverwinter is a good game with fun combat, but it lacks in an in-depth world that you can be immersed in. The politics, settings, music, etc are all valued by some people. I understand some people just want to zerg to max level and skip the dialogue for every quest (and that's fine) but there are some people that truly try to play it as a 2nd life.

MoneyMeng1867d ago

It isnt the complete package though, it doesnt even come with pvp. The music score is decent but the story is uninspiring. Cutscenes arent even voice-acted (this is an issue because this is a p2p game, the quality of this mmo should be above other mmos especially f2p mmos).

Jubez1871866d ago

If you say the music score isn't good, then we're ending the conversation there because I'll assume you never actually played the game and you're a troll.

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