Gran Turismo 6 takes driving to new heights

Will Gran Turismo 6 take back the racing game crown? Make your decision at Lazygamer.

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snipab8t1867d ago

Forza 4 put GT5 to shame last time round. Hopefully GT6 has improved since then, GT5 just felt so dated. The menus were so frustrating with that mouse you had to move round with the thumbstick.

hay1867d ago

I don't think it put GT5 to shame in 'driving' department. Game feels great, and this year's GT Academy showed that it can feel even better. Good driving wheel, audio, and there's no contest here when you're set for authenticity. Though I do not downplay fun Forza series is known for in any way.

Menus in GT Life were designed as some kind of driver simulator, they were streamlined for that purpose, not for fast navigation. It did the job, though sucked at being user friendly, that I can agree on.

There's room for any good game on the market, so we should cut the Turn-10 anti-GT crap.

aaron58291867d ago

I just hope they fix that damn AI. the AI in gt5 is just ridiculous after path 2.something... I mean... seriously.. who the hell slows down on a long straight if a car tailgates too closr to you... whats worse is... Kaz said the AI wont be different... thats worrying... and this is coming from a long time gt fan