GTA Online Patch 1.05 Live Now on PS3 and Xbox 360, Weighs 39MB in Size, LSC Glitch Still Working

Rockstar Games has just released Grand Theft Auto Online Patch 1.05. The update has just went live on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, and it weighs around 39 MB.

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jriquelme_paraguay1784d ago

the first thing people try are if glitches still working... lol

Septic1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Lol yup. The stimulus package is useless now that people are clocking $20 million + with the glitch

ZBlacktt1784d ago

It's been useless since the game came out.

AliTheSnake11784d ago

Lol, People still play this game.
It's a secret Beta for the GTA Online that will come later on Next gen consoles.

LeCreuset1784d ago


It sure seems that way at times.

thorstein1784d ago

Sorry, not up on the Lore, but what is the LSC glitch? And why can't the article make a simple explanation of it?

Bob Dole1784d ago


The glitch makes you be able to sell a car indefinitely to Los Santos customs.

Playstationologist1784d ago

I only took 10 million, no sense getting greedy or caught


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What if they put some kind of tracking to find out who's exploiting the game?

r1sh121784d ago

if the penalise people for it, those people will just stop playing.

I know lots of people who did it, so they could get all the weapons to play competitive TDM etc.

The #1 on GB did the same, I play with those guys from time to time.

ZBlacktt1784d ago

PS4 in 10 days... ask how many people care.

Zancruz1784d ago

@ZBlacktt Not this guy.... lol

naBs1784d ago

Ffs! When are heists coming to online? D: It's starting to get a bit boring now for me tbh.

RedSoakedSponge1784d ago

yeah im the same. they probably wont release it till all the big glitches/bugs are gone

naBs1784d ago

Yeah I agree, it's a shame really..Weren't they meant to release this patch last month too? If they keep this up we won't see Heists added up until 2014 lmao.

RedSoakedSponge1784d ago

yeah something like that. i hope it isnt delayed too much longer since i was planning on going purely next gen when X1 and PS4 are released :(

Lord_Sloth1784d ago

It's stupid that the game didn't launch with them since it was advertised with them.

KrisButtar1784d ago

People are still playing it? Last time I was playing it no one was online and no one on my friends lists are playing it anymore. They seem to be just delaying features so people don't trade up there game.

BlindMango1784d ago

Me and my friends all get together on weekends and all spend hours upon hours playing it together, despite its bugs it's really fun as a core game with much to do. And even the people I don't play with a lot on my friends list are playing it too, lol nobody has played Call of Duty for months on my friends list and I doubt Ghosts will get much activity on my list a month from now. I'm saying that because that's what everyone really used to play and now it's GTA V or an assortment of different games

Hellsvacancy1783d ago

Me and my buddies like playing Golf, we enjoyed it that much all four of us have just bought PGA Tour 14

Thanks R*

KonsoruMasuta1784d ago

I get into a full session every time I get on.

Tons of people are still playing this.

xPhearR3dx1784d ago

Great. Now RS will spend more time patching glitches and delay the content even more because they want to "balance" their economy. TBH the gaming community is very shitting, and you have the fastest selling game of all time on your hands. You can't stop the glitchers. Just let them glitch until they get bored of having so much money and start releasing content for the people who play legit.

bryam19821784d ago

waiiiitttt so now we measure size in weight????? lol like what's the size of the patch ehhhhhhh 90 pounds lol

kingPoS1784d ago

It weighs 39lbs lol

Gateway MT6706 2008

LogicStomper1784d ago

Then it's safe to say, all you guys with PSN + have overweight consoles.


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