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GTA Online Patch 1.05 Live Now on PS3 and Xbox 360, Weighs 39MB in Size, LSC Glitch Still Working

Rockstar Games has just released Grand Theft Auto Online Patch 1.05. The update has just went live on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, and it weighs around 39 MB. (Grand Theft Auto Online, PS3, Xbox 360)

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jriquelme_paraguay  +   667d ago
the first thing people try are if glitches still working... lol
Septic  +   667d ago
Lol yup. The stimulus package is useless now that people are clocking $20 million + with the glitch
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ZBlacktt  +   667d ago
It's been useless since the game came out.
AliTheSnake1  +   667d ago
Lol, People still play this game.
It's a secret Beta for the GTA Online that will come later on Next gen consoles.
LeCreuset  +   667d ago

It sure seems that way at times.
thorstein  +   667d ago
Sorry, not up on the Lore, but what is the LSC glitch? And why can't the article make a simple explanation of it?
Bob Dole  +   667d ago

The glitch makes you be able to sell a car indefinitely to Los Santos customs.
Playstationologist  +   666d ago
I only took 10 million, no sense getting greedy or caught

KRUSSIDULL  +   667d ago
What if they put some kind of tracking to find out who's exploiting the game?
Playstationologist  +   667d ago
r1sh12  +   667d ago
if the penalise people for it, those people will just stop playing.

I know lots of people who did it, so they could get all the weapons to play competitive TDM etc.

The #1 on GB did the same, I play with those guys from time to time.
ZBlacktt  +   667d ago
PS4 in 10 days... ask how many people care.
Zancruz  +   667d ago
@ZBlacktt Not this guy.... lol
naBs  +   667d ago
Ffs! When are heists coming to online? D: It's starting to get a bit boring now for me tbh.
RedSoakedSponge  +   667d ago
yeah im the same. they probably wont release it till all the big glitches/bugs are gone
naBs  +   667d ago
Yeah I agree, it's a shame really..Weren't they meant to release this patch last month too? If they keep this up we won't see Heists added up until 2014 lmao.
RedSoakedSponge  +   667d ago
yeah something like that. i hope it isnt delayed too much longer since i was planning on going purely next gen when X1 and PS4 are released :(
Lord_Sloth  +   667d ago
It's stupid that the game didn't launch with them since it was advertised with them.
KrisButtar  +   667d ago
People are still playing it? Last time I was playing it no one was online and no one on my friends lists are playing it anymore. They seem to be just delaying features so people don't trade up there game.
BlindMango  +   667d ago
Me and my friends all get together on weekends and all spend hours upon hours playing it together, despite its bugs it's really fun as a core game with much to do. And even the people I don't play with a lot on my friends list are playing it too, lol nobody has played Call of Duty for months on my friends list and I doubt Ghosts will get much activity on my list a month from now. I'm saying that because that's what everyone really used to play and now it's GTA V or an assortment of different games
Hellsvacancy  +   666d ago
Me and my buddies like playing Golf, we enjoyed it that much all four of us have just bought PGA Tour 14

Thanks R*
KonsoruMasuta  +   667d ago
I get into a full session every time I get on.

Tons of people are still playing this.
xPhearR3dx  +   667d ago
Great. Now RS will spend more time patching glitches and delay the content even more because they want to "balance" their economy. TBH the gaming community is very shitting, and you have the fastest selling game of all time on your hands. You can't stop the glitchers. Just let them glitch until they get bored of having so much money and start releasing content for the people who play legit.
bryam1982  +   667d ago
waiiiitttt so now we measure size in weight????? lol like what's the size of the patch ehhhhhhh 90 pounds lol
Sam Fisher  +   667d ago
Lmao lmao yes....
kingPoS  +   667d ago
It weighs 39lbs lol

Gateway MT6706 2008
LogicStomper  +   667d ago
Then it's safe to say, all you guys with PSN + have overweight consoles.

dangerousbrian0  +   667d ago
I bet they are just releasing the same patch over and over again because there is no way with all the changes they make they can keep it at the same size as the online mode patch that unlocked online.What I mean is you downloaded the first patch that was 59mbs on 360 and 39mbs on PS3 to unlock the online mode then all of a sudden there is a shit load of bugs that need fixing and then they send out another 2,3 or 4 patches after to fix other bugs there is no way that every patch is going to be the exact same size as the very first patch i believe that it is all server side and they are just releasing the same patch just update your game with the server.
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spaceg0st  +   667d ago
I generally only glitch to around $800,000 to not overdue it, but honestly, I don't really care if I go into the cheaters lobbies for a little while because its getting a little boring/stale. By the time they get their shit together, I'll be onto the ps4 and unlikely looking back. Gta online was meant to be on next gen. Hopefully there will be big changes if it ever does come.... But seeing how long it's taken them to get the stim package out, my hopes aren't high
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JeffGUNZ  +   667d ago
Stimulus package isn't even out yet, this is just the patch to stop character loss, progression loss, and items being lost. The Stimulus is expected "later this week"....which means February in R* language.
BloodyStriker  +   667d ago
Honestly, why should R* punish anyone using the exploits? The exploits are in line with the spirit of the game. I mean, we are freaking criminals running around robbing stores, killing innocents and cops at will. We steal cars and respray them so they can be exported. We rush into drug deals, kill everyone so we can get the stolen drugs to a dealer, so why would anyone get their panties in a wad if we can exploit the game? Are we not just being in character?
plaZeHD  +   667d ago
Yeah but you should realize that you are ruining it for others.
thricetold  +   667d ago
How so? Am I ruining your fun when I buy the shark cards they will be selling? I'm more than willing to shell out real cash instead of grinding for peanuts. Whether you play now or 4 months from now there will be players ahead of you. Get over it and stop playing games to outdo others and have fun.

Unless outdoing others is why you play games, then its time to find a new hobby.
Zancruz  +   667d ago
@thricetold You're right.... How is some low level person with a 10 garage Apartment with an insured Tank, Buzzard attack helicopter and Lazer jet ruining others game experience?! But the absolute best glitch is the invisible glitch, You can kill people without being seen... Smh

Personally I don't care how much money someone has (Glitched or Shark Card) or what they've brought. I'm not impressed by somebody (Tool) that owns every highend car. I like see a persons Creativity/Style through Vehicle Customization and Selection....

True Story: Some guy was boasting about his Green Adder with Dollar sign rims, Said he was "Shitin on people with it" I couldn't stop laughing at him!

(I wish they would add a Custom Car Show in the game)
thricetold  +   666d ago

Apparently I wasn't clear as I thought we were discussing cash, not ALL exploits. Point of fact, you can buy any property at level 5 I believe, maybe 8 so that's not glitching.

Another point of fact, NO ONE is impressed or should be impressed by how much money another player has, who cares?

Let us be real, there are glitches that ruin the balance/fairness of games like the invisible glitch, get that outta here.

However, and I know some will disagree, there are also others that don't hinder/affect anyone else and one person having more money than you is one of them as it would be like that if you didn't start playing on release day anyway.

Again let us be real, most are mad because they want everyone to grind like them because they think grinding gives them an advantage over other players, as in they have more time to grind while others have other crap to do.

Let's spin this a little, these people don't have any problem grinding for hours because they have hours to waste and they are grinding to give themselves an advantage.

They are furious that other players who don't want to grind for money can just as easily match up with them thus eliminating any advantage they thought they had and that pisses them off, plain and simple.

Another question I ask is why are so many people just lollygagging around in freeroam to get killed by these griefers?

Most players hanging out in freeroam are griefers and are only interested in trolling others so unless you're with friends you should always be in an invite only session as you can still join any type of mode from your own session and when it's over you'll return safe and sound back home.

You can't force people to play your way or you'll take your ball and go home. It doesn't work that way in the real world.
plaZeHD  +   667d ago
Why do people like to cheat their way out?
Zancruz  +   667d ago
And then complain there's nothing to do while they're Lv25 with all the Highend Stuff and more money than they have a use for... Even with the Flaws/Glitches that's in GTA Online it's the people using them that ruins the game!
plaZeHD  +   667d ago
I know right? Stupidity at it's finest.
T2  +   666d ago
without cheats u still have people trading wins racing ...thats almost lamer than glitching
DARK WITNESS  +   666d ago
a level 25 could have 10 million in his account, he wont have that much high end stuff. Cars and house Yes, but weapons etc.. no.

no matter how much money you have you still need to rank up to unlock weapons etc.
Zancruz  +   666d ago
@joecanada Maybe, But Race Boosting still doesn't hurt the game and experience as much as Glitches and the people that use them....

@DARK WITNESS IF ya person Glitches for money, What's stopping them from Glitching a Tank, Buzzard Attack helicopter and etc into their garage? Not much for those impatient people that must have it all now, While not having something to work and strive for ends up being bored with nothing to do but cause carnage for other players.. Plus who needs a gun when you got a tank? Lol
DARK WITNESS  +   665d ago
they still need to be a high enough rank to use them.

so far I have not found anyone using a tank that was not the rank needed to unlock it in the first place.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   667d ago
No offence, but I gave up
Rockstar, what you tried to do was really brave, but it's just been a complete mess
I think this game should have been next gen or the online mode for gta 6 for next gen
I really enjoyed the singleplayer and when it worked, i had some fun with multiplayer
But I pretty much stopped playing almost 2 weeks ago
Still looking forward for Red Dead Redemtion 2 (please confirm :D )
01animeking  +   667d ago
GTA onlne is getting boring even when im playing with friends i feel that they failed with the online
ATiElite  +   667d ago
OK let me get this straight!

BF4 PC has a few minor bugs and has had a Crash issue that I have only seen once in the 40 hours I have logged in it.

So what Happens is that this gets BLOWN way out of proportion to the tune that People on N4G are saying:

.Burn your PC and ask for a BF4 refund
.Throw away your BF4 PC and go get the PS4 version even though the PS4 is NOT even out yet

But GTAV has LSC Money Glitch, bugs, and Progress LOSS

GTAV Progress LOSS = playing GTAV for X amount of hours and losing your ENTIRE PROGRESS

GTAV LSC Money Glitch = make loads of cash in no time flat in online mode and basically be a CHEAT.

BF4 PC Game Crash = Game crashes and you ONLY lose stuff earned for that round.

So out of those 3 issues (which by the way is how most games are until patched) which one is the WORST.

Progress Loss is by far. If I played GTAV for 15 hours and completed a bunch of task only to have a bug wipe away my efforts I would be upset.

Money glitch does make MP mode not fair but if everyone is doing it then I guess it levels the playing field

BF4 PC Game crash I have only experienced it ONCE and yes I was like WTF? But my team was Noobish and I really didn't care at that point. Had I earned some RARE ribbon then YES I would of been MAD!

But my point is why is it NOT ok to have "OMG GTAV Console is a COMPLETE FAILURE" articles but OK to have "OMG BF4 PC is BROKEN" articles?
KonsoruMasuta  +   667d ago
You're the only one blowing things out of proportion. There were tons of articles about GTA Online broken experience before the patches started coming.

You also exaggerated on how people reacted to BF4 on PC, which was pretty f'd up. There weren't that many articles about it.
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ATiElite  +   666d ago




That's 4 N4G Battlefield 4 PC Crash/bugs links

can You please P.M. me 4 N4G GTAV bad MP links

(I did a N4G search and only found the Link used for this thread).
Hazmat13  +   667d ago
Eh I gave up on GTA online. It kinda sucks.
bohemian 23  +   666d ago
I hate to say it but, R* you guys f*cked up! Still love your games though.
Shad0wRunner  +   666d ago
Well....all you people giving up and moving on: PEACE! Just clears out the servers for the rest of us who will continue to love and play the game, for what it's worth. To be honest, I wish a lot of you WOULD bounce! Idiots, flamers, griefers and trolls have forced me and my friends to stay in private server sessions, since day one. You cant do anything in a public server, without everyone gunning you down or running you over. Open mic is annoying as hell in public servers; having to listen to about 10+ morons try to talk over eachother all day is SO aggrivating and forget about trying to roll around in your fancy new car that you spent 3 days grinding for LEGITIMATELY in a public server, cuz some asshat will throw a sticky bomb on it and blow it up.

If I just described you or your friends, you know who you are and it's people like YOU that have ruined this game more than those who have glitched $20 million!

Public servers are trash. I'll stay in my private server, with my friends.
itisallaboutps  +   666d ago
I have up due to people glitching all my hard work and someone cheats. And gets every car and heli in game. And yes we do play the game to out do others! It's in our nature and we like to show off our hard work. But when something like a high end car is owned by anyone it isn't exclusive anymore and no point in having which is wasted time
swishersweets20031  +   666d ago
too many people cheated and got all the best stuff, weapons, cars and now it ruined it for me because i cant keep up against someone destroying me every 5 minutes with the their tank. No one will play missions or do races because why? they dont need to because they got endless amounts of cash to go around and terrorize others. I dont mind people killing me sometimes but it gets old when no one will do any missions or races anymore.

And like the guy above me stated.. there isnt anything special in the game anymore when everyone is rolling around in the hottest sports car.. its just such a waste. Its only fun for the cheaters but for everyone else its just a piss poor experience.
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BlingBlaine  +   666d ago
Glitching killed gta online after only 2 weeks.

The storyline was more gameplay than the online version.

Glitching killed gta online's economy thus destroying the game.

Massive let down, hoping ps4 version will have the glitches patched by then.
badvlad  +   666d ago
traded mine for bf4
Dfooster  +   666d ago
Never been a fan of online gaming but I really thought that was all going to change with gta online but I have to say my opinion remains the same.

Too much time sat around in lobbies, too many idiots online, and too much repetition. I was looking forward to the heists but I feel as though they won't be enjoyable unless you have at least four friends online, and I just can't get everyone together at the same time long enough to make it work for me and I'm bored with doing races and the other stuff already.

Rockstar really shouldn't expect you to have four friends online to make the game work the way it's intended. A new story that you could co-op with 1-3 other people with the AI taking over where necessary would have been far better I think.

I'm toying with the idea of trading in especially as the dlc packs for gta IV were standalone games, I'm hoping the same with gta V.

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