What Are the Main Differences Between Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS4 and PS3?

Push Square: "As the latest entry in the seemingly unstoppable Call of Duty franchise exploded onto store shelves today, so too did our very first PlayStation 4 review. But with the title set to deploy on both current generation and next generation systems, we figured that we should summarise some of the key differences between the two releases."

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TomShoe1840d ago

I'll be doing the $10 upgrade so I can play with my friends on both PS4/PS3.

It still looks ugly compared to KZ:SF, but I have to admit, the game is a blast to play.

TheFallenAngel1839d ago

Really? I played it last night and I hated it. Maybe I'll have to spend more time with it. It looked like mw3 but played like black ops? Which I hate black ops. The sensitivity is crazy though and you have to spend time finding the right setting.

Mr Pumblechook1839d ago

Why have Microsoft embargoed reviews of the Xbone edition?
What are they trying to hide?

Evil_Abed1839d ago

Maybe because the games aren't releasing at the same time? one week later release, one week later reviews. Make sense?

ambientFLIER1839d ago

Um...the Xbox One comes out a week later, so that means the COD Ghosts review comes out later too. But you're welcome to keep pushing your conspiracy theories...

amnalehu1839d ago

The better question is what is the difference between Ghost Xbox 360 vs Xbos 1.

thehitman1839d ago

agree lol. The only difference I see is a resolution change in the ps4 version so if the xb1 version is still stuck in 720p and just upscaled isnt that the same as the 360 version?? since that can be upscaled too...

ambientFLIER1839d ago

Textures will definitely be better. Cod on 360 isn't full 720P, but was 880x720 last time. Ground War on the Xbox One.

johny51839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I'll give you a hint one of them has Aliens and one of them has Ghosts!

One is relevant with the title at hand!

sinjonezp1839d ago

PS3 version is very blurry. Like the frame rate and the textures look worse than black ops 2 (imo). However, I am really enjoying the story mode and the multiplayer is good. The only issue I have in multiplayer is hardcore kill confirm there is a 10-15 second timer; that needs to go. And the maps are quite larger than the average cod maps.

PR_FROM_OHIO1839d ago

To me the difference is very small! Doesn't really matter bc this game looks awful on any platform! KZSF,BF4 for my fps needs for next gen!

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