PS4 & Xbox One Call of Duty: Ghosts was a 'logistical nightmare' – Infinity Ward

Preparing the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts for launch alongside the other versions proved to be a "logistical nightmare", Infinity Ward has admitted.

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Pintheshadows1840d ago

It should of been kept on the current gen systems as far as I am concerned. I mean considering its quality across the board they clearly couldn't cope.

I think they would of been better off focusing on an entirely new next gen experience for next year.

theDivision1839d ago

I agree with this. I hope the games that come out in Q2 of 2014 and later start becoming only next gen. The companies really are wasting time they could be using to optimize the next gen performance by trying to release it on current gen as well as next gen.

GameNameFame1839d ago

Aparently three times the opimization was done on Xbox One, but it still ended up 720P.

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PsylentKiller1839d ago

They should have do have done that but they didn't want to secede to Battlefield. They know that if they don't come out with a CoD every year now everyone will forget about them. Bf4, Titanfall, and Killzone: SF would bury them.

Pintheshadows1839d ago

I agree with both you and theDivision above. I do still feel that if they had kept Ghosts current gen they could of kept relevant (if that is the right word) and then fully focused on a next gen only title next year. They needed more time to build an acceptable engine. It is awfully optimised.

PlayStation_41839d ago

If you can't release a quality game, don't release it.

It may seem like a good business decision at first, but it really does damage the franchise itself... The decline of CoD has begun by the looks of it.

triforce791839d ago

Well ive read comments on miiverse and 1 guy says while playing it on wiiu and watching my bro on ps3 it's a joke how much better wiiu looks....

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Navick1840d ago

Yea it's called a "new engine"... You know one that was made with the next gen platforms in mind.

HappyWithOneBubble1839d ago

Exactly. Dice were smart enough to know this so they did Frostbite 3 for next gen. IW just added new features to a 10 year engine and that's not cutting it. They need a new engine built ground up.

HammadTheBeast1839d ago

They're so used to copy/pasting they lost any actual technical talent they may have had in the past 6 years.

Drekken1839d ago

They took the lazy way out and it is going to hurt their game name. I am kind of glad they did this. I am sick of CoD.

frostypants1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Infinity Ward doesn't actually have any real talent. It all left after Modern Warfare. All IW knows how to do is rearrange the drapes and call it a new game.

Come over to Battlefield, people. Yeah, you'll need to lose your bad run-n-gun habits and you'll get steamrolled for a while, but once you "get it" you'll never want to go back, I promise.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1840d ago

I can understand, they can no longer use the same 14 year old Engine to fool 14 year old kids.

Baka-akaB1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

It's worse , with quite a few titles in 60 fps for mp already , they wont be able to hide behind it . And pretend their game is visually inferior because the have the 60fps goal .

Thankfully their fans will find them an excuse already "we care about the gameplay and fun !!" , as if better designs and graphics ever were detrimental to fun

C0LLAT1840d ago

That being said, both PS4 and XBoxO should be able to run @ 1080p 60 fps.

DragonKnight1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

PS4 does.

Correction: It runs at 1080p.

C0LLAT1839d ago

Exactly my point! So why would you buy the xbox? It's almost 2014, everything should be 1080p unless the game has a shit ton going on. (Battlefield 4) and at least it's upscaled to 1080p

tonywood1840d ago

Should have brought out current gen cod in August.

christocolus1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

anyone would know it was going to be tedious to launch across 6 why didnt they just stick to current gen and focus their efforts towards making a better game or delay the launch of the next gen versions?..i mean first of all it was made known the campaign would be 4hrs long and now this?...imo this was kind of greedy ...they rushed to get a product out to combat bf4 and may be killzone and they ended up making a sub par game across all 6 platforms...the game will still sell loads but this will definitly affect the popularity of the franchise..i see many fans moving over to bf4...

falviousuk1840d ago

A lot of people will probably trade in their current 360's and dPS3 to upgrade to the new consoles to help pay for them.

This way they still get to play a COD game, although by the sounds of it, it looks like its better to play it on the current gen machines rather than the new consoles PS4 at least, need to wait until the xbox one version is reviewed to see if its got the same issues

BLAKHOODe1840d ago

This just gives others a chance to take COD's spot at the top. We all know BF has been eyeing that top spot for some time now, but with stiff competition in Killzone and Titan Fall, this could be COD's last go at the top if they don't make some drastic changes before the next release.

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