Launch trailer for PS Vita PocketStation, currently only in Japan

Now available the trailer for the application plus users in Japan can download to their PS Vita consoles. This application will allow you to play mini peripheral known classic titles such as 'Mega Man' or 'Crash Bandicooth' among others.

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ZBlacktt1838d ago

Is there really a need for this, lol. O_o I remember when that screen was the new thing many years ago.

Iltapalanyymi1838d ago

wishing this comes to the west too.

Mr_cheese1838d ago

So is this a real product or an in vita app? I really don't get it

FogLight1838d ago

It is an app for PS Vita for Japan only currently which is free for PS+ members in Japanese PS Store.

PSjesus1838d ago

What i thought they are giving the actual devie to plus members it's just an emulator app