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Push Square: "Call of Duty is a series that's getting stagnant. This latest edition is a solid shooter, with highly tuned mechanics, an addictive multiplayer offering, and a plethora of content to play through – but it very much feels like a familiar game with a few minor adjustments. The new Extinction mode is particularly good, but it's the highlight in a title that's following a tired recipe. Fans of the series will enjoy Call of Duty: Ghosts regardless, but those of you looking for something new will have to dig out those night vision goggles and search elsewhere."

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B-radical1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

sheeeesh I predict a 79 on metacritic

first1NFANTRY1841d ago

Time to go back to WWII in my opinion. At least the campaigns where half decent.

B-radical1841d ago

Id love another WW2 game tbh.

Sick of this WW3 stop the bomb ect crap

I finished cod 2 on my pc the other day such a fun game

Pintheshadows1841d ago

I never thought I would say this but I miss WW2 FPS's. I want a new next gen proper Brothers in Arms. Open French town etc, these are the odds, this is what you have, go and win in anyway you see fit.

NarooN1841d ago

I would love a return to WW2. World at War actually had a pretty awesome (and depressingly bleak) campaign. Not to mention the campaign was fully playable (besides one or two missions) in co-op mode.

Man, a WW1 CoD? Lol half the maps would take place in trenches. Get a 12 kill streak to call in a mustard gas attack! Better hurry and equip your gasmask perk!

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Skate-AK1841d ago

It's already at 78 for PS4.

Shinox1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

No more COD , BTW How much Xbone Review is ?

Skate-AK1841d ago

No Xbone reviews have been shared yet according to Metacritic.

Saviour1841d ago seems it will be even worse.

insomnium21841d ago

This game is reviewing pretty badly. I'm confused as to what to think about that. Is it ok to be happy...?

Ron_Danger1841d ago

Yeah... It's just reviewers finally seeing what a lot of people have been seeing in the CoD series since MW2

venom061841d ago

wow... this game is getting some HORRIBLE reviews... i so GLAD i didnt get this garbage

overlord231841d ago

A bomb will blow up next to Ghost squad and it will have a chain reaction with the sun.
Throwing our elite squad back in time to you guessed it 1942 where they have to hold of waves of bloody thirsty Nazis with claymores and other gadgets.
Well its's crazy but not any more than the Call of Duty plot has got lately.
I am getting Ghosts( PS4 ) but only because W Dogs got put back also have Killzone in a bundle order with the camera and extra controller.
My favourite game is AS Black Flag but not getting it until Xmas as a present.

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