Is Kojima Taking the Piss with Standalone Ground Zeroes?

Clickonline writes "Release window confirmed = Horray!
Discount for going digital = Horray!
Potentially shelling out €90 (Ground Zeroes + full RRP Phantom Pain) for MGSV = WWHHAAA?!?!!?
Note I did say potentially."

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ballisticvoodoo1837d ago

Without knowing the amount of content in Ground Zeroes and the price point of the Phantom Pain it's a bit too early to start the handwringing.

medman1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

I'm not going to rush to judgement, but it seems to be a very curious decision to release them separately. If Ground Zeroes is only a few hours of content, how will a 30 dollar price point be justifiable? It won't with me, which might sour me on the release of The Phantom Pain later in the year. They better know what they're doing or they could piss of alot of gamers and lose sales for those who have an interest in this franchise.