Call of Duty: Ghosts – Does the franchise have a future?

VideoGamer: "It's a game that, albeit not exactly content-light, feels like an entry borne out of financial necessity rather than actual need, and while a new CoD to placate players may do well for the balance sheet, it also highlights some of the problems the franchise faces in the coming years.

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Fizzgig1863d ago

They should take longer between games, give them time to work on a new engine and innovations. With a yearly release they're throwing out the same game with different locations. Time for a leap me thinks.

infectedaztec1863d ago

Because its Treyarch and Infinity Ward every second year they really have 2 years breathing room. Still not enough. Infinity Ward were once the best developers around (maybe those guys went to respawn entertainment).

I'd kill Ghosts, let Treyarch keep the COD franchise going every 2-3 years and let Infinity Ward go off and make some new IP.

Activision has Destiny to keep it in the FPS game, but the only thing keeping COD alive is its base on 14 year olds and its name.

clmstr1863d ago

Everything has a future. The question is - what kind of future - bright one or not...

CODallday1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Ghost sucks. They made the maps a campfest where you get shot from behind 99% of the time. Black ops 2 has better graphics. Not to mention the guns are copy pasted from mw3 with the same stats and reload animations. IW should be shut down. MW3 was okay,then treyarch did their best with BO2(excellent IMO) Then IW ruins it again. Going treyarch only now.

BobBelcher1863d ago

lol, here's why CoD has a future:
The mass majority of CoD's sales and consumers don't know what a "N4G" or a "" is. They could care less about review scores. They're gonna buy the game regardless of what people online have to say because they enjoy playing it.

DeadRabbits1863d ago

Everyone who played COD a few years ago have had their voices break, acne clear up and grow some chest hair!

So no as those kids will be playing BF4 now!

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