UK Software Sales Charts - Xbox 360 [11/02]

8CN: The UK software sales numbers are in for the week ending on November 2. Assassin's Creed IV, Battlefield 4, and FIFA 14 took the top three spots, while Grand Theft Auto V and the new Arkham rounded out the top five.

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PlayStation_41836d ago

Only for 360? What's the point in that? Makes this list pretty uninteresting.

Nice to see AC doing so well even against BF4, though.

mcstorm1836d ago

TBH I don't think the PS3 games list will be much different on the ps3 apart from it wont have halo 4 in it.

PlayStation_41836d ago

True, it's always nice to see the all platforms chart though to compare platforms.

ZBlacktt1836d ago

Oh look.... AC4. What a surprise. :/