Xbox One Fitness And Nutrition

Xbox is getting some help from world famous trainers this time around with interactive workouts created by Jillian Michaels, Tony Horton (creator of P90X), Tracy Anderson and Shaun T (creator of Insanity).

Along with this line up, the brand new Kinect sensor does so much more than track your movements, it can now measure heart rate by detecting micro-fluctuations in your skin so there is no need for heart rate monitors as it does this touch free.

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Drewidian1836d ago

Yep... My wife, her sisters, and nieces all are getting Xbox Ones in part for the exercise stuff. They intend to group Skype and work out together. I told her she has to get her own for the den, because I'm getting my Battlefield and Forza on in the living room.

nukeitall1836d ago

That is one f'in fantastic idea!

I might have to do that too.

christocolus1835d ago

nice...i wonder why they do that ?my sisters have hinted its what they want as xmas gifts and my girlfriend says she will share my xbx one playtime with me cos of this fitness obviously iv got to get her one sometime

mcstorm1836d ago

Well if its free for 12 months I might as well give it a try to help my fitness even more as I decided to get fit by playing hockey and ride a bike to work but if I can add this as well ill soon be the shape and weight I want to be.

Can't wait for some next gen Forza on the 22nd though.

Bigpappy1836d ago

This could be a major killer app. M$ is a smart company. They are thinking outside of the box. They are making new genre that will create new jobs for developers. If this catches on it could be huge.