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GR-UK writes: "It's wrong to try and compare Call of Duty to Battlefield. While both live for the multiplayer, Call of Duty relies on an incredibly intense, if not necessarily realistic, experience. Battlefield is completely different in its approach and play style. What fits yours will dictate where you'll want to wage your next year of digital warfare.

As far as Call of Duty: Ghosts goes, from our time with the game, it's hard to find something else that offers so much to the player. Ghosts is the complete package."

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WolfOfDarknesss1840d ago

COD: ghost .... small maps and less players online matches ..take place in the future wars and Unknown Weapons .

johny51840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

they say Americans play too many shooters and they talk crap about our gun laws yet they buy up games like Call of Duty like crack! How hypocritical!

And the only review so far with a 9 is from a UK reviewer not one from the US "so far" and that should tell you something....

smokeyjoekenobi1840d ago

"they say Americans play too many shooters"

so Americans don't play too many shooters, how many do they play then?

"they talk crap about our gun laws yet they buy up games like Call of Duty like crack!"

You're suggesting enjoying FPS games is the same as being able to own real guns?

Weird post!

johny51840d ago

No it's just the inhumane comments people in the UK post after horrible incidents like Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting and there ignorant rants about how we should run our own god damn country and abolish gun laws and yet they still buy games featuring US soldiers killing people from other countries? Ok?

What's weird is those rants don't stop someone from being stabbed over there does it? What is the murder rate by a knife, 90% was it?

smokeyjoekenobi1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )


Again you're suggesting a correlation between prevalence of violence in video games and violence in society. This is a game review, discussions and prepositions about violence in media and their alleged affect on society belongs somewhere else. You obviously have a grievance with people in the UK and people with a problem with US gun control laws, I suggest you find a more appropriate outlet/soapbox to voice your issues.

Killa781840d ago

You're the reason why people don't want you to have guns.

You're nuts!

MrDead1840d ago

Yes every single person in the UK thinks Americans play too many shooters and then go out murdering......What the hell are you mumbling about?

Children should think before posting comments like this.

Bathyj1840d ago

I haven't played ghost, nor have I really been following it, but it seems to be getting a pass like it always does and receiving hi scores. Is there any other series that can change and innovate so little, release a title every year and still get such unwarranted praise? I wonder if Killzone will fair so well or if reviewers will still be holding the"broken promises of a seven year old CGI trailer. Can't wait for edge and Tom chicks review.

ShowGun9011839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Where's all the people saying it should just be about the experience or the fun... Cod is fun man. Most people like it how it is.. Don't let the Internet fool u, almost everyone likes cod and is fine with yearly installments. When your opinion matches the majority the game won't sell anymore and they'll change it... Vote with yalls wallets and all that.

My friends and I will be buying it cause to be honest, kill zone and bf aren't as much Fun. And if anything I'm much closer to being a Sony fan than anything, so I'm not biased against kz... Nothing beats the rush of having a 6 kill streaking and trying to get a chopper lol