Killzone: Shadow Fall – 10 Minutes of Single Player Demo Gameplay

Check out this 10 minute video from the Killzone: Shadow Fall single player demo.

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mistertwoturbo1783d ago

Bleh thought this would be direct feed

GarrusVakarian1783d ago

Yeah, we have been spoiled with too much direct feed to be satisfied with off-screen footage.

badboy7761782d ago

9 days I refuse to watch!!!

_FantasmA_1783d ago

Would love to see the next Deus Ex look this sexy. That is one franchise that I wish Sony would buy.

ssj271782d ago

well you will have to wait for the next! next gen to see this type of quality on that ip..
this gen deus ex almost look like a PS2 game.

_FantasmA_1782d ago

No come on it won't be that bad. I thought Deus Ex HR was pretty good. But the animations and faces weren't that good. I just hope theres more blue and silver like in the original, instead of black and gold.

jagstar441783d ago

the detail in them landscapes and draw distance is fucking mind blowing

windblowsagain1783d ago

I did this vid. Have a look.

KZSF and Assassins creed.

panbit861783d ago

WOW! Great video! Thanx!

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