Destructoid: Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts

While Call of Duty is often regarded as the epitome of the annualized, cynically produced, lazily constructed videogame franchise, I've always maintained that both Infinity Ward and Treyarch expended much more effort than the...

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Narutone661747d ago

Oh, how the mighty have fallen... I don't know if this will impact the sale of the game.

Godmars2901747d ago

Given that other site are rating it higher, not much.

SlyFamous021747d ago

Can you elaborate on "rating it higher" because from I seen its not that much higher.

Ausbo1747d ago


Ign gave it an 8.8

Volkama1747d ago

The TV ad in the UK features a quote from IGN saying how spectacular Ghosts is. It's been running for some time, a fair while before the reviews hit.


TomShoe1747d ago

It won't because of Dudebros.

Army_of_Darkness1747d ago

The rise of Killzone and battlefield begins when ps4 officially releases.

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wheresmymonkey1747d ago

I don't think it will, CoD is the most casual game going, the kind of people that pick it up every year are also the same poeple that don't read reviews.

ritsuka6661747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

COD decline is a great thing for gamers, they will finally start to look elsewhere, to other genres, and hold them at value, they will start to become “true gamers.”

MethCupcakes1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Then what? We move on to hate the next most popular game? I think all annual games should stop and not just COD alone. (AC, NFS, BF, STREET FIGHTER, ETC) and give other games a chance to get some recognition for once, and what’s this talk about “true gamers”? Aren’t we all gamers? Or is it in just your closed mind a person can’t just play one game/genre or else they’re considered not a gamer? What defines a “true gamer”? Please tell me.. I’d seriously like to know.

torchic1747d ago


dude calm down even Mark Rubin said that CoD players aren't even gamers.


MethCupcakes1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

@Torchic (One of my fave Pokemon BTW) I’m calm, I’m just tired of one game taking all of the heat. Jesus take the new Batman game for example or even BF 3.5.

Lykon1747d ago

COD is useful for keeping all the idiots you don't want to deal with on-line in one place. Long may it reign

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SaturdayNightBeaver1747d ago

People play it for MP so i dont think it will too much..

Back-to-Back1747d ago

Nope Santa gives the kiddies what they want ever year.

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kidhero991747d ago

heart attack levels rising

Kingdom Come1747d ago

Thank God critics are no longer giving the Call of Duty franchise a free pass. Their lazy development process' are an insult to the gaming industry. Whilst astonishingly creative and original games struggle to find a market, the sheep flock to the generic recycled trash heap. Hopefully "Ghosts" marks the beginning of the end. The demise of the Call of Duty franchise. I doubt it, but what a brilliantly symbolic start that would be for the next generation of gaming, the return of enthusiasm and creativity is coming...

Zorak1747d ago

Indeed, thank God for Jim Sterling!

MestreRothN4G1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Nice to see your +15 -4 when the same phrase, about a non-COD-bashing subject, would led to massive downvoting.

Gamers can be so narrow minded.

I can't take this review seriously, this just seems like Jim is just wanted to hate the game to make some sort of statement on the game industry Agree(7) | Disagree(2)"

Jim Sterling, gotta love him..SMH<< I was being sarcastic Agree(26) | Disagree(8)"


"Jim game Arkham Origins cash-in a low score? Jerk!"
"Jim game CoD Ghosts cash-in a low score? Jesus has born again!"

M-M1747d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth. I can't tell you how many games or sequels flopped because the game developers tried to make it an "easy" and "pick up and play" game. They got intimidated since they spent hard time and dedication on their games to make it great, yet they barely made a profit off of it and saw COD breaking sales records year after year with little change. They try to make it accessible like COD then boom, it flops. Warhawk to Starhawk is a great example of this.

HammadTheBeast1747d ago

Big one's are still chugging the Mountain Dew and stacking checks.

IGN gave it an 8.8.

Complete bulls***.

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R00bot1747d ago

Wow. That's one of the lowest scores I've ever seen a CoD game get in a review.
I wouldn't disagree with that, though. The game does look disappointing.
I've never been into CoD anyway. I guess I won't be picking this up.

AcidKill1747d ago

COD: BOD is lower than this. :P

JeffGUNZ1747d ago

You wouldn't disagree with that? How is that possible since you clearly haven't tried it? Perhaps people need to try things out before they make up their minds. I haven't played it nor do I plan on getting it anytime soon as I am enjoying GTAO, but I am not going to bash it or praise it till I actually get hands on time with it.

R00bot1747d ago

The review says that the game barely differentiates itself from previous CoD games. I have played them and I wasn't impressed. I doubt this game, that's been ridiculed by the same people that gave previous games good scores, would be any different.

FlunkinMonkey1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

I for one am glad.. For me (same with Battlefield, sorry) i'm sick and tired of this boring 'Murica one man, terrorist killing, superhero...starring in a game full of boring cliches, and forgettable stories and characters.

Same sh*t, different toilet. Good riddance.

mistertwoturbo1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

F yeah 'Merica!

I agree. Battlefield 4's campaign was pretty terrible too.

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