HonestGamers reviews Mario Kart Wii

HonestGamers reports:

''Love it or hate it, you have to respect the Mario Kart franchise. Spanning six systems, arcade units, remote controlled cars and widely known as the epitome of multiplayer racing, the series makes a welcome return to the Nintendo Wii. The motley crew of characters and weapons make an appearance along with the recent DS additions of online and retro throwbacks. While Mario Kart Wii adds a few more additions and changes, such as a new control scheme, changes to the drifting system, motorbikes and tricks, this is the same old Mario Kart we all know and love. Every installment added something new to the fore - MK64 added four player multiplayer, Super Circuit was portable, Double Dash!! added two racers per kart, and MKDS was online. So what is new here?''

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