Steam Early Access Is Kind Of Like Virtual Gambling

MWEB GameZone community writer, Rezaa De Vos, takes a critical look at Steam Early Access. He asks the question if Early Access is just a way to get into gamers' pockets

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PandaMcBearface1840d ago

BF4 - buy "complete" game in order to end up being beta testers when it's broken. At least this way you know what you're getting I suppose.

Choc_Salties1840d ago

Early access is a method whereby devs can get their thing out - I'm not happy with the pricing they sometimes throw out, like with Planetary Annihilation, but hey, its their thing to do.

HanCilliers1840d ago

I have tremendous respect for Valve. One thing gamers can always bank on is that Valve will do whatever they can to boost the industry in a way that benefits the gamer most. So Early Access gets my vote.

Viper71840d ago

It's more or less about investing in a game and a team you believe in. Investing is always a bit of a gamble whether you pay it with money, time or anything else for that matter.

In this chase, you might get a way better game for cheaper or the game might be worse that you originally thought.

But no matter what anyone tells, it's a lot healthier business model than what the current AAA-Blockbusters use (which is not only gamble but stupid and mad as well)

Jdoki1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Sometimes I think their early access is a bit too early. Especially when factoring in the price. I get the feeling that some devs are treating Early Access almost like Kickstarter.

If you take something like Prison Architect - even the early beta was phenomenal and the structure of the development (monthly beta releases and developer videos to support the new features) has been really good to be part of. I had no issue handing over my money - and I've got tens of hours out of the game already.

On the other hand I've looked at a few videos for early access stuff, and thought it looked like the game was still just a concept, and the developer had got their hands on the Unreal SDK and were messing around. I know we have Greenlight to control this, to an extent,, but I don't want to waste money on games that have an unproven development pipeline

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