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Submitted by NextGen24Gamer 753d ago | opinion piece

9 Reasons the Xbox One Is Better Than The PS4

Both Next Gen consoles are on their way to market and with what we know of their specs, there isn’t much outside of brand name and chassis design to differentiate the two. Historically, there has usually been a clear winner in the console market when it came down to hardware and specs. NES was topped by the Genesis, which was topped by the N64, which was succeeded by the PS-One. The list goes on. Manufacturers seemed to take turns releasing the best hardware every generation, and proclaim market dominance through their exclusive game libraries. (Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One)

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DivineAssault  +   753d ago
lmao! Name the reasons PS4 is better as well to make this article worth reading
culpepper516  +   752d ago
a lot of reasons aren't that substantial.

1. I do believe that Xbox has the better software, and it's tv functionality is cool. unfortunately it comes at the sacrifice of game quality, which doesnt work for me.
2. Titanfall is the only worthwhile exclusive, but its sequels will come to ps4, and microsoft will stop releasing exclusives as they have previously done.
3. many first hand accounts have stated that the xbox controller feels worse than the previous iteration, whereas the ps4 controller has been improved immensely.
4. Kinect? not worth $100. I have the option to buy for $60 if I prefer to do so.
5. HDMI In - refer to 1.
6. skype is cool, although it feels more like branding than benefits. voice chat is fine in-game, and I doubt video chat on ps4 is sub par.
7. With ps4 likely to grab the market I expect developers to prepare for larger amounts of online gamers and no more online launch issues like the old Call of Duty's. most internet issues involves one's own connection
8. DDR3 Ram? not a chance...
9. A video game console with less focus on video games as a positive feature? oh.
GameNameFame  +   752d ago
And PS4 has more important reasons for gamers like me.


-Btw, Skype will be on PS4 as well. Skype confirmed this.

-Considerable better graphics.
-Far better Hardware. GPU is 56 percent alone.
-Better First Party Studios.
-A lot better track record. Unlike MS, which temporarily buys off exclusives, but exclusives drys out launch. Just like Xbox 360.
-Heavily Games Focused.
-Still gets dedicated servers. Fanboys were trying to argue only Xbox One will have dedicated servers, but BF4 and COD both has dedicated servers on PS4.
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Gozer  +   752d ago
If you ask me, dedicated servers should be on the list. The use of dedicated servers cut out server side cheating, host migration, most lag, and allows for higher player counts if the dev chooses. Dedicated servers is a big reason I am going with the X1.
GmIsOnPt360  +   752d ago
agreed on all accounts other than controller, 360 was near perfect and xbox one has taken a step back. ps3 was pure crap and has taken step foward. so to recap xbox 360 A to xbox one B, ps3 D to ps4 C...
Gamer666  +   752d ago
1. Unproven that the UI is any better than PS4 as the real interface has yet to really be shown.
2. Exclusive quality is a matter of preference not fact. What is a fact is that MS tends to have more exclusives early in the gen then Sony and Sony has more exclusives near the end. This should push typical gamers to buy X1 now and PS4 later when their exclusives start really showing up.
3. I have used the new controller and I feel it is better. Lighter and the trigger feedback in Forza rocks. D-pad also improved.
4. Kinect will not appeal to all, but for me it is a plus... As for the $60 option... This is a new Kinect with better recognition, resolution, etc. so $100 isn't a big deal
5. The HDMI out is nice for Backwards Compatibility. I can hook my X360 through an X1 and use only one input in my receiver.
6. MS has proven chat and cross game chat capabilities. PS4 is just adding cross game chat so the feature is unproven. So, MS wins on reputation.
7. PS4 is peer-to-peer networking, MS is going with centralized this round. Peer-to-peer has proven cheating is easier. But, centralized is unproven. So 7 is unproven on both sides right now.
8. Unproven on both sides. We won't know what architecture is better until a few years go by.
9. Diversity is good, but I am not sure PS4 is any less capable. To me, this is unproven.
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Godmars290  +   753d ago
Doesn't Sony pretty much own Reason #2? Have stronger 1st and 2nd party support?
Blackdeath_663  +   753d ago
yeah and reason 8 is absolute bullshit heres why

The latency trap: GDDR5 RAM takes more clock cycles to fetch data. There's lots of.misinformation on how because of this, GDDR5 has a higher latency than DDR3. However, GDDR5 is clocked much higher than DDR3 - resulting in lower latency. This post incorrectly stated that GDDR5 has a higher latency - thanks to people who pointed it out!

What this means is that at best, the Xbox One will be somewhat inferior to the PS4 memory-wise. At worst, horribly inferior. It's not physically possible for the XO to have an advantage over the PS4 memory-wise.

Ok, next, we have GPU power.

12 compute units on Radeon GPU for Xbox One, 853 MHz
18 compute units on otherwise identical Radeon GPU for PS4, 800 MHz

Here is another place where it is physically impossible for the Xbox One to outperform the PS4. The 6.6% clock speed difference will not neutralize the 50% compute units advantage that the ps4 gpu has. It's not possible for the XO to be more powerful than the PS4, given all others are identical.

Then, we have CPU power.

8 core AMD Jaguar based CPU at 1.75 GHz
8 core AMD Jaguar based CPU otherwise identical speculated to be 1.6 GHz

The exact clocks for the PS4 haven't been revealed yet, however speculation points it at 1.6 GHz. XO has an advantage in the CPU side. This 9% difference matters a lot less in multiplat games - you're not going to put a core feature only one platform has. In fact, read on for the software side.

** Software / OS **

The Xbox one runs two virtual machines - as apps like Skype and games run on different OSes (in addition to a third, the hypervisor). Server grade AMD CPUs with hardware virtualization suffers a 15% performance penalty when running under a virtual machine, in the best case scenario. [

Remember, AMD's Jaguar is a mobile / low power architecture. I think it's fairly safe to call that even with a higher clock speed, XB1 CPU performance is going to be worse than PS4. Ouch.

The PS4 runs a operating system called Orbis OS, derived from BSD.

Next, the Xbox OS reserves 10% of the GPU for Kinect, even if Kinect isn't plugged in. Before you get out the pitchforks, I expect that the PS4 OS reserves a similar amount GPU-wise, maybe trivially different by a couple percentage points.

** Benchmarks **

As MS has said, the best way to judge performance is via the games (benchmarks). Using ghosts, we have a 125% resolution advantage ( 1920 * 1080 ) / ( 1280 * 720) for the PS4 and ~10% fps advantage (which we can observe when it falls beneath the target). This computes to a 137% performance advantage for the PS4. Like 100 apples vs 237 apples. Ouch. I expect that the gap will close in when cross plats are designed around the 32MB ESRAM to BF4'S 41% ps4 advantage.

** Conclusion **

For pretty much all intents and purposes, it's not physically possible for the XB1 to beat the PS4 in graphical or computing power. The reason is that they have very similar architectures. Any optimization regarding the ESRAM on the XO can only bridge the difference, as the 32MB ESRAM is much much slower than 8GB of GDDR5 RAM on the PS4. Any optimization regarding low level GPU / CPU can be applied to both platforms.

Some people say, look at Forza 5! But I can tell you, the same graphics are achievable on a PS4. If it was to be ported, the differences be SDK (controller, network, OS interactions), not graphics.
asmith2306  +   753d ago
But, but... the cloud...
heliumhead2030  +   753d ago
This rant is so wrong and misguided. Don't be so native, your ps4 is not that powerful. bf4 comparisons are out bro the proof is the pudding
PsychoSupaman  +   752d ago
Way too much time on your hands bro! My advice is for you to 1. Don't buy a PS4 or Xbox One. 2. Get a life

That is all..
FuturePerspective  +   752d ago
The PS4's GPU is actually clocked at 860 MHz.
adorie  +   752d ago
Don't forget

PS4 = 32 ROPS

Xbox One = 16 ROPS
Clarence  +   747d ago
Excellent break down.

I just got back from GameStop and this employee told me that a Sony rep said that the Xbox 1 is better console because it's faster. I asked her to elaborate. Then I asked her why would a Sony rep say that their console is weaker?

I called her on her BS
nukeitall  +   753d ago

Not at launch, and we don't really know what MS has up it's sleeves.

MS is the third party exclusive master.
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Godmars290  +   753d ago
No. No they're not. Bioshock and the ME series would be exclusive if they were. Skyrim. MS's reputation with with indies would be better.

Really, looking at launch the PS4 has tons of support where the XB1 needed to shift 360 games. And mS's been forced to change some policies to be more friendly.
Hicken  +   753d ago
Sony has so many more third party exclusives than Microsoft it's not even funny...
DragonKnight  +   753d ago
@nukeitall: LMAO! You think Microsoft stands any chance against Sony in exclusive, high quality games? Sony trounced Microsoft 2 generations in a row with exclusive high quality games, what makes you think this generation will be any different? Not at launch? You understand that people don't just buy a console for the sake of what the console itself offers right? More people are interested in the PS4 and its launch games than in the X1 and its launch games. Look it up for yourself. PS4 is trouncing X1 in pre-order numbers, and Killzone is trouncing all X1 games in pre-orders. Give it up, seriously.

OT: The list is ridiculous.

1. The author has clearly not seen the X1 OS because all he's doing is relaying his experience with Windows 8 (which the majority of users who have tried it HATE) and stating that MS are a software company. That's not evidence of a better interface or OS especially considering how bloated and unnecessary the X1's OSs (there are 3) are.

2. Are you f*cking serious? No exclusive racers? Driveclub moron! Exclusive games? Sony has trounced Microsoft for the entirety of the PS2 and PS3's existence in games. How is this time any different?

3. Arguably is a reason now? The DS4 has been highly praised and is based on an award winning design. But you know, it's all about preference in the end.

4. Kinect is not a reason the X1 is better than the PS4. Only the most diehard MS fanboys think it is, but the general consensus about Kinect from Xbox 360 to the Present day is that it's a useless peripheral with no good games.

5. So people can plug their superior PS4 into the Xbox One. Yep, that's a real reason the X1 is better. /s

6. Skype? You mean the program that's free everywhere else EXCEPT on the Xbox One? You mean the program that Microsoft monitors the conversations of its users on? That Skype?

7. Oh geez, the 300K servers again. We don't know how many of those servers are physical, and how many are virtual. We do know that MS' dedicated servers for third parties will be virtual though. Oh and look, a dig at the PSN issue in which no one's personal data was stolen and wasn't actually a hack, yet every day people lose access to their Live accounts on Microsoft's watch. Yeah, so much better. /s

8. LMAO! DDR3 BETTER THAN GDDR5?! BAHAHAHA! This doesn't even deserve the dignity of a proper response.

9. This part here... "Microsoft has made claims that gaming would cease to be the primary focus of the XBox and simply become one of its many features" is why the X1 is worse than the PS4, not better.
MysticStrummer  +   753d ago
The first three can be argued in PS4's favor. The 4th is a negative for many people because they don't want a camera and it adds to the price. The 5th is valid. The 6th is valid, as long as the consumer understands and supports the idea that the required system resources could have been used for gaming. The 7th remains to be seen, but those 300,000 servers will also be hosting every bit of cloud enabled software MS has brought to market, and they are virtual servers which could be no advantage at all. The 8th and 9th are valid, provided gaming isn't the primary reason to own a gaming console.

This list supports what I have said since before XB1 was revealed, which is that the console's primary functions are multimedia and multitasking, not gaming. We're about to find out how many consumers want that from a gaming console, but it doesn't bode well for MS that many newer smart TVs have features that make XB1's irrelevant. That doesn't exactly promote the idea of being future proof.
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callahan09  +   752d ago
Did it ever occur to anyone who goes on and on about the Xbox One's games library that Microsoft moved a bunch of their developments from 360 to One to pad out the launch window? Meanwhile, Sony has shown continued strong support for the PS3? The reason the One has a couple extra exclusives is because the 360 has been abandoned by Microsoft. There are exactly 3 disc-based retail games that Microsoft has released (or will release) in 2013 for the Xbox 360: Gears of War Judgment, Zoo Tycoon, and Minecraft.

YAY! Such support for the 360, huh? The only real exclusive for core gamers this whole year is Gears of War Judgment, and that was back at the very beginning of the year. Zoo Tycoon? Come on... Minecraft? My 4 and a half year old laptop that was a bargain bin laptop even at that time can play that game, I don't need a console to play Minecraft.

Sony on the other hand has released Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, MLB 13: The Show, God of War: Ascension, The Last of Us, Puppeteer, and Beyond: Two Souls, and still will release later this year Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus and Gran Turismo 6.

In the same year that they are releasing the PS4, Sony has released a huge selection of retail, core games. Rather than abandoning their console and moving all developments onto the new machine, current generation owners are still be treating to tons of new experiences.

This shows the quantity of developments that Sony devotes. Now that these games are all out, developments are swinging over to the PS4 and you'll start to see huge quantities of releases on the PS4 next year and in the future. Microsoft won't be able to keep up, even if they have a 3 or so game advantage in the launch window.
stonecold3  +   753d ago
I stopped reading when he metioned xbox had better exclusive when sony has been giving us triple aaa titles games for the last few years beyond 2 souls heavy rain uncharted god of war mgs4 last of us ni no kuni the list goes on so I wont carry on with that to long to list .all Microsoft has brought out is the same games forza gears and halo as for titan fall its not exclusive to xbox one its a multiplatform game on 360 pc if ps4 fans want to get titan fall they will get it on pc anyway the way its meant to be played in higher resolution. as for ps4 games have ton of game to look forward to im pretty sure most ps4 gamers are busy playing other games instead like the order 1886 infamous next uncharted god of war 4 gt7 to look forward to .
MRMagoo123  +   753d ago
im sure there is something to be said about straws, grasping and xboners, after reading this.
BBBirdistheWord  +   753d ago
but why?

This list is EXACTLY why I am getting a XBO.

I have a PC that can output at 1440p and a monitor to match. Nothing on consoles can match that.

However, I am looking for the whole experience on console. Believe it or not, I am EXCITED about the inclusion of kinect. I can't wait to see how it all works together in a couple of years. The servers cannot be discounted.

The Ps4 has potentially very slightly better graphics than the XBO but does not have all the extras I am looking for.
There. All done.

Let go of the bitterness, bud.
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Flutterby  +   753d ago
Lmao "potentially slightly better games" nice downplay , if the specs are anything to go by and the potential of the gpu compute , give it 1 year and the ps4 will be trouncing the xbone in graphics not just slightly but miles ahead, the xbone is just a weak piece of hardware it can't hold up and that's that.
nukeitall  +   753d ago

if graphics alone was so important, why aren't you on PC instead?

Clearly consoles has it's merits, and people choose them often times over graphics.

I love graphics, but I love my console way more.
BBBirdistheWord  +   752d ago

lol. SO you seem to know what's going to happen in a year's time? Good for you. Nice to be able to predict the future. I can't do it and neither can anyone else I know.

But you can! So. Good for you bud.

I am waiting for the NDA to finish on the 12/11/13. That's gonna be interesting. But you can predict the future so you already know what's gonna happen, right?
KentBlake  +   753d ago
That is one lousy list.

The only thing that would be an actual advantage is a blatant lie (the exclusives). Yes, MS has the better launch lineup, but everyone in their right mind knows that Sony owns the most first party studios, and in the long run their exclusives will overshadow the MS ones. Also, lots of MS exclusives end up being just a timed deal.

I was meaning to buy an Xbox One too down the road, but after all the 720p thing, changing policies and their horrible PR talk, I'm questioning myself. And DR3 is the only exclusive they have right now that I wanna play (Titanfall will be out on PC, and I have a decent - not great - rig too).
Iltapalanyymi  +   753d ago
Top lel. I'll still stick to my PS4.
Silly gameAr  +   753d ago
I stopped at the headline and backed out veeeeery slowly.
solidjun5  +   752d ago
I think Nukeitall wrote this drivel.
Mohlest   753d ago | Spam
C0LLAT  +   753d ago
They are trying to convince there self.

"I think I can."
"I think I can."
"I think I... damn it."

didn't work, PS4 for me :3
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maddskull  +   753d ago
he is saying xbox one exclusives are better they maybe until now but sony has the variety and quality of exclusives and there are many more studios working on ps4 exclusives that are not announced and he the best of them arent announced yet like ND Media Molecule Sony Santa Monica and all the indie support with the ps4 and many of his reasons are invalid and stupid so he is just a fanboy
Torkith  +   753d ago
" It’s very odd to me that I haven’t seen any exclusive driving games announced for the PS4."

Clearly Drive Club is an FPS.
Skate-AK  +   753d ago
FPD. First-Person Driving.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   752d ago
Moron, it's a platformer!
Knack is the puzzlegame
There is no exclusive FPS for ps4 at launch ...
chrisgay  +   753d ago
We all know most people are going to go with PS4- from where we stand now, PS4 has a lot more than 9 reasons which make it better than the Xbox One.

However, this is a fair and decent list: the controller is lovely, it has exclusive games some people may prefer and I for one didn't even know it would use Skype- that's awesome.

I won't be getting either but it is nice to see viewpoints from both sides of the war.
McScroggz  +   753d ago
I respectfully disagree. For one, they posit that DDR3 is better than GDDR5 - not only is that wrong but the PS4 is more powerful almost universally.

Also, the controller is not a valid reason. Not right now. The Dualshock 4 has been praised by pretty much everyone. The Xbox One controller will likely be awesome as well. This can't really be a reason the Xbox One is better when it's seemingly so close between the two and is purely subjective anyways.

As for the exclusives, I find it hard with two generations of history to go on to suggest that Microsoft's exclusives will be more compelling than Sony's. Even though I disagree, I admit that more people are excited about the Xbox One's launch lineup than the PS4's. But given that many of Sony's most talented studios haven't even announced a game (Naughty Dog, Santa Monic, Media Molecule, etc.) I would really question anybody that firmly believes Microsoft will be better. Sure, there are some people that prefer Microsoft's four pillar franchises (Halo, Forza, Fable, Gears...which ISN'T exclusive anymore) along with some of the not as commercialized smaller titles; but I think most gamers who aren't intensely multiplayer focused would agree Sony clearly has the best, most diverse exclusive library of games.

These are just a few issues I have with the list. The problem that I have is that most of the reasons to choose the Xbox One are very speculative. The 300k servers sounds awesome, but how much of an impact will it really have, only time will tell.

The Kinect2.0 is a great piece of technology, but it still has to be proven it has a legitimate purpose in the realm of gaming before I buy into. For families it's probably already a reason, and I completely accept that; but for core gamers it just isn't there.

The OS on both need to actually be tested before we can suggest one is better than the other. I wouldn't be surprised if the Xbox One's OS is better, but like Kinect and 300k servers I want to SEE it not assume it.
Bluebird8  +   753d ago
well well well, someone who shall remain unnamed is setting themselves up to be shoot down.
I_am_Batman  +   753d ago
I guess some of those points are true if you care enough about them. All I need to know is that I like the PS4 line up of games more already and that a lot of my favorite devs are among Sony's first party. I guess both controllers will have improvements over current gen controllers.
Degze  +   753d ago
the article writer is a fanny. Thats all that needs to be said.
johny5  +   753d ago
I can give you ten on why it's worse!
and it ain't pretty!
True_Samurai  +   753d ago
I'll take the Xbox one
MAULxx  +   753d ago
10 ways MS could have designed a decent console.
10 alternate Xbone designs that would have been 10x better.

These articles would have been more interesting & relevant.
assdan  +   753d ago
Why this article is stupid.
1) We've hardly seen either UI in action, all we've seen from the xbox one's are powerpoints basically. You can't say you'll like this UI because you like Windows 8.
2)Exclusives are all opinion based. Very few people are interested in the games you listed (exception of Titanfall and halo). And I'll just play titanfall with better performane on my PC(yes I know windows was made by MS)
3) What we know about the controllers, almost everyone hailed the dualshock 4 as the best controller of the two, and it's more impressive technically speaking.
4)Because of the inclusion of the connect, the value of the xbox one itself is probably $300. If they would have made it an accessory, the console would have been way stronger. Not to mention that thing hogs 10% of the systems power, and very few people actually care about it.
5) I've got something just as time consuming as the HDMI, it's called input button, and it doesn't require I have to systems on at once.
6) Skype has a lot of problems, I don't understand how this is a win or a loss. We don't know which will be better at this point.
7) We don't know how strong sony's servers are yet. I'm pretty sure they're having an event on the 13th.
8) GDDR5 ram moves information faster. Devs have come out and said the higher latency isn't a problem.
9) I don't at all see how either is more versatile.
Nabbic  +   753d ago
1) Better UI

Buzz. WRONG.
I find XMB better than Metro. Can I claim it's superior? No.
Can say Cinnamon is a better DE than Enlightenment? No.
Can I say I prefer these things, however that does not make it superior? Yes.
Right off the bat the author comes across as a raging idiot who believes his opinion = fact.
In terms of non gaming software, it's on equal ground... Though remember that most non gaming software is hidden behind the gold paywall.

2) Exclusive games

The Xbox has half the library the PS4 offers, and half exclusive games.
Their first party lineup is laughable in comparison to Sony.
Both launches aren't appealing, though as discussed in a previous comment with valid reasons, I'm interested in one Xbox One game and three PS4... Can I say the
PS4 exclusive range at launch is better? NO.
Can I say I prefer it, but that does not make it superior? YES.

But to say the Xbox is winning in terms of exclusives when the PS4 is offering twice as many? That's just bind fanboyism.
Hell, even the WiiU offered more exclusives in a year than the Xbox will.

3) Controller

Subjective. I find Microsoft's controller clunky, cheap and home to the worst D-Pads in existence.
But to say it's more versatile is false, Dualshock 4 offers PC compatibility day one, the new Xbox controller does not.

4) Kinect

Gamers don't want a forced Kinect. Point invalid.

5) HDMI in

I want my consoles to play games and have basic features, not become central media hubs.
Roku is superior as a media device in every way and has no paywall. Give me two great devices that do their jobs rather than one device than can't do any correctly.

6) Skype a resource heavy program, and will undoubtedly cause lag in certain situations.
I don't want to be forced to add my Skype to a console or sign up just to party chat... I want simple party chat.
Oh, plus paywall. I can get Skype for free on my Vita but not the Xbox? Lol.

7) More powerful online servers

a) We've got no confirmation that they are 300,000 physical servers and not virtual servers
b) Azure is not reserved for Xbox, and paying corporations will take resource priority. Even if there are 300,000 physical servers, XBL sure as hell won't be getting half of that.

8) DDR

Oh, you actually used the "b...b...but ddr5" argument?
much debate
such argument

Any slight advantage the Xbox will have hardware wise will be forever weighed down by its esram solution. Furthermore, the majority of gaming tasks relies on the GPU.
The Xbox has inferior hardware. Period.

9) Versatile

See: Previous comment.
"I would rather have several devices that work well than one that does not".

How did this opinionated trash even get accepted?
isa_scout  +   753d ago
Hit the nail on the head my friend...There are games(TitanFall&Halo5) I'm interested in getting for the XOne, but for me personally I'd much rather have a game like Killzone at launch.Ps4 in less than two weeks, and XOne next year if it launches smoothly.
I made the mistake of buying the 360 at launch, and no freakin joke I must've went through 6 of those things(RROD) in the first year.People can spread rumours of the PS4 overheating all they want, but my launch PS2 and PS3 are still humming like they were the day I picked them up.
EasilyTheBest  +   753d ago
Are you real, so every single advantage you come back and say the PS4 is better.
At least try and be a little less obvious.
Hdmi in, PS4 doesn't even have that feature and you have a come back.
gamer2013  +   752d ago
Yeah I know. I was going to debate him on all his points but common sense prevailed.
DoubleM70  +   752d ago
Number 7


Uhhmm yeah it's real just like I didn't think I was going to be doing E-mail back 1988. You all hate Micrsoft so much you all fell to realize that Technology is progressing at a faster rate now. You don't know what they have been testing the last 4 years. They already compressed Halo 4 to run on a Nokia512 cell phone. Don't believe me look it up for yourself.
Basti002  +   753d ago
A lower DDR Ram is a reason to buy Xbone??????????????????

This is bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PsylentKiller  +   753d ago
I'm getting an XB1 and even I know this is bull. Didn't need to read the article, if you can call it that. I know the PS4 has the XB1 outnumbered on many fronts. It's the games that suckered me in to buying a XB1 first. My nephew is getting one for Forza and Titanfall (he's 8). My parents are getting one for kinect and the TV features. So, another reason for my purchase is digital games. When I buy a digital game, I'm basically getting two copies.
If I go with a PS4, I disrupt the ecosystem. That, in my opinion, is he reason why many people will buy the XB1. The reasons given in this article are crap.
walkincarpet  +   752d ago
actually I think he should have included dedicated servers and cloud gaming and removed the memory for a more complete list. Basically PS4 has better graphics and X1 has better everything else, but I expect PS4 to catch up with exclusives in 2015... don't get your comment on the digital games though.
PsylentKiller  +   752d ago
Both consoles let you put your digital copy on two consoles and play them at the same time. My nephew can play on his gamertag on the home console and I can play on any ore console when signed in with my gamertag.
If I bought a PS4, I couldn't share my digital purchase with my nephew.
I will, however, be getting a PS4 as well. Just gotta wait till after Christmas.
solidboss07  +   753d ago
You Moronic Buffoon. But, hey, its your money, your choice. Good luck.
#26 (Edited 753d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
PsylentKiller  +   752d ago
It's comments like yours that are making feel retarded. I'm just hoping PS4's are available after Christmas.
thehitman  +   753d ago
Lol this is so comical I am in tears literally after reading that. They should categorize this as satire. Its not even worth breaking down all those silly, nonfactual points lets just point and laugh.

Like this website No? Quality? WTF!
mkis007  +   753d ago
It’s very odd to me that I haven’t seen any exclusive driving games announced for the PS4

- Really???????, Then I guess driveclub exists in my head.
ivnheim  +   753d ago
I have read enough of this kind of articles and i am not going to read this one, but i am sure that one of the points is because of Kinect.

WTF people? Kinect is a useless piece of shit, and i am not trolling, it is what it is, nobody that know the basics of gaming wants that crap.
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Blues Cowboy  +   753d ago
Interesting that they also posted :P It's not exactly surprising that plenty of sites are getting on board with eleventh-hour lists.
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