How Many PS4 Consoles Will Sony Sell Before Xbox One Launch Day?

When the PS4 launches on November 15 it will enjoy a seven day head start over the Xbox One, which doesn’t hit store shelves until November 22. Sony definitely has the upper hand for this launch, with its console being the cheaper of the next-gen offerings by $100, having hardly any bad press compared to Microsoft, and making available a pretty decent line-up of launch games. PS4 will dominate the next generation.

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M-M1840d ago

If it sells more than the Xbox One in the U.S alone then this is bad news for Microsoft.

Blackdeath_6631840d ago

thats what it boils down to really sony already have a headstart in the rest of the world by launching in 32 countries and considering they out sold the 360 worldwide last gen despite being a year late potentially the X1 will get steamrolled this gen. just need to wait and see what demand is like for the XBone

ABizzel11839d ago


You forgot to mention PS3 was $100 - $300 higher at launch, and has consistently been $50 - $100 more up until 2012.

In theory, based on their August pre-orders they should be seeing 2.25 - 3.75 million sales (2.25 based on an avg. of 250,00k pre-orders per month since Feb., 3.75 based on an avg. of 750,00k pre-orders per month since E3).

Realistically it should be at least 1.5 million consoles sold.

aceitman1840d ago

Im just throwing this out there , cause I have a funny feeling that sony will sell 1.5 in us alone but if ms sells 1.6 worldwide ms will come out throwing punches saying we sold more xbox ones on launch day than ps4's . but not saying the rest worldwide sales will be the following week.its just how ms is. if I right I will post my comment if im wrong I will say so and just let it be.

Retroman1840d ago

MS will lie about that anyway claiming "worldwide sales" higher than ps4...."we sold more!!!"
now if Sony bit'h slap MS in sales that would be rude awaking for MS and this console war sh't will end.


Kryptix1840d ago

I expect it to happen in one month after launch before Xmas. Microsoft will claim that the Xbox One is doing better than Sony's PS4 in one way or another. Like for example, our UI is much more better, or our profits are amazing even with the $500 price tag. The one that's going to make me laugh is that if they compare worlwide sales against PS4 sales in the US. It's inevitable since they have stated pre-order numbers are the same as the PS4's. Only an Xbox fanboy would believe that, that's how Microsoft spreads their lies...through Xbox fanboys that have broken logic in comment sections and forums.

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FamilyGuy1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

3 million in the first week. That or "All available stock", which ever number they reach first.

The beast is almost here.

Oops, forgot it's only out in U.S. and canada on the 15th and they other countries get PS4s a week after the X1 comes out. Hmm, U.S. only sales in the first week will probably all be sold out but we have no clue how many consoles Sony is actually sending to the U.S. at launch.

F**k it, PS4 is a beast, 2.5-3 million, U.S. only and in its first week.

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porkChop1840d ago

At least a million consoles I'd say.

1OddWorld1840d ago

I will go as far as to say upwards of 2 million in the U.S.

NewAgeisHere1840d ago

They will sell as much as they can produce, simple as that.

s1lentone1840d ago

Better question would be. How many PS4 will be available on launch day? Thats how many PS4 will be sold. I'm guessing approximately 2.2 mile PS4.

imt5581840d ago

Surely, there is over 1.5 mil. preorders for PS4 worldwide. Only in US probably between 750k and 1m.

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