One Piece Unlimited World Red Trailer 5

A new trailer for the up and coming one piece game shows off new characters, along with an amazing look at the storyline, and the graphics of this 3DS game which is slated to drop later this month.

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ElasticLove1837d ago

Oh Snap, Hody Jones and Caesar Clown is in the game. Hopefully it gets a western release next year, I need a good One Piece game on my portable.

MONKEYDLUFFY1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

I want this too! I remember seeing that romance dawn gamewas getting released this year on 3ds and that looks good.

HystericalGamez1837d ago

Theres a rumor that they might even go up to the Dressrosa arc! That would be AWESOME!

HystericalGamez1837d ago

I hope that this game is way better than romance dawn! It sure has the graphics down pat!

1837d ago
Baylex1837d ago

Why isn't this coming to the VITA?
One more reason to get a 3DS..