List of All Destiny Trading Card Codes Revealed, Redeem Now

GP: Take a look at the complete list of all Destiny Trading Card Codes, players can redeem these codes by going to the code redemption portal on Bungie official website.

"It's currently a mystery as to what these codes will unlock for players. Some users are speculating that these codes will be used to unlock exclusive content in Destiny (such as Recon Armor), and others think that they will be used for a special flair on Bungie website. We will hopefully find out the secrets to these codes sometime in 2014."

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ZBlacktt1868d ago

Sweet! I did the Warlock!

Code Redeemed Successfully!

Check back in 2014 to see what you’ve unlocked!

JimmyLmao1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

i redeemed them all (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

ZBlacktt1868d ago

Yeah, went back and did the 13 others myself. :D

GameSpawn1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Sure hope it's some DLC/bonus weapons or anything for in-game. I'm really psyched for this game. I love how it seamlessly moves between single player, co-op, and team co-op (almost mmo levels of teamplay).

Did all 14 BTW. :) Thanks for posting.

fenome1868d ago

Nice! I posted these a while back, twice, and someone thought I was spamming! lmao

Seriously, check my comments if you think I'm joking :p

NintySonySoft1868d ago

Nice!! ty ty ty!!! all i gotta do is wait for my ps4 and sync my PSN acc to the Bungie acc im all good! TYVM!

1868d ago
mrpsychoticstalker1868d ago

Its not use to talk all the positive stuff surrounding the xbox one bro.... on this site Sony trolls will immediately give you disagrees and leave you without bubbles

fenome1868d ago

who are you even talking to? leaving comments like that are what leave you without bubbles. Nobody even said anything about Sony or Xbox One.

Just talk, no actually you just did... I guess just say something relevant.. I don't know, I was honestly gonna try to give you help, but I don't have a diploma that covers that or I'd be making more money.. Have fun.. please don't kill me.. please..

mrpsychoticstalker1867d ago

hahahahahahahahaha here bubble up, this made me laugh hysterically!

fenome1867d ago

Dope profile pic by the way

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