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New PlayStation All-Stars News Update Incoming Early This Week

Sony Santa Monica have given PlayStation All-Stars fans an update as they have announced that there is going to be news surrounding the game early this week on the official community forums. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

Sarobi  +   267d ago
I'd like to see a sequel for this.
LiQuiZoN  +   267d ago
Def. Game is a ton of fun. Just a revamp of the kill mechanic would be nice and more BALANCE!
LOL_WUT  +   267d ago
I hope not and hear me out until Sony manages to acquire certain memorable Playstation characters to be in the game then by all means go for it but until then they should let this title rest. ;)
Caffo01  +   267d ago
No revamp please, i love the super system.
cpayne93  +   267d ago

That would make this game so much more fun. It's already fun, but nowadays you go online and all you see are kill confirming players everywhere.
joe90  +   267d ago
LOL You won't buy it so don't ask for it. Many of people asked for the first and didn't even buy it. Why would they fund a second one when majority who said it was GOTY didn't even touch it with a barge pole.

Box...from years of experience on N4G that every Sony Exclusive was the cream of the crop compared to anything other devices were releasing. LOL Remember when Carmageddon,Socom and Sorcery were announced? LOL "GOTY" "Kinect Beater" "GOTY" "COD Beater" was thrown aroubd N4G like a cat of 9 tales in a war ship. Was you around then? All sold like crap and were crap games BUT Was on everyon PS fanboys list of game that Xbox?MS didnt have LOL
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   267d ago
People said it was GOTY? Also the game sold over a million copies. Where are you getting your information from?

~Edit @ your 2nd paragraph...

What does any of that have to do with Battle Royale though?
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kB0  +   267d ago
I think he's trolling, he's retyping the same statement over and over again in the comment section lol..

Most of my friend bought the game including ones that had little to no interest. I think the game did extraordinarily well for a first time Smash bros competitor (although i personal think they aren't much a like).

I'd buy a second one only if the roster was increased and if the game had a little more refined controls or kills:)
Sarobi  +   267d ago
I bought the first one.. so I don't see why I wouldn't buy the sequel.
3-4-5  +   267d ago
* Need to use the A team instead of B team this time.

* Levels were too cluttered and it clashed with characters. Not as easy to see as SSB.

* Too many characters looked the same.
Caffo01  +   267d ago
why not as easy as SSB is a bad thing? <.<
GenHero  +   267d ago
@ Caffo01
read what he said again, he meant its not as easy to see your character and that will always be a bad thing
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Mr_Writer85  +   267d ago
The game sold poorly so I doubt it will happen.
snitch_puck  +   267d ago
I greatly doubt your sentiment.
RmanX1000  +   267d ago
wow finally. might play this again once the patch hits.
0pie  +   267d ago
playstation all star on ps4.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   267d ago
i hope, i didn't buy this one but ill buy it on ps4
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Omar91  +   267d ago
Playstation all stars 2, 1080p, 30fps, exclusive to ps4 and vita, percentage health, crash bandicoot and cloud confirmed.

Seriously though, I hope all of that comes true lol
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EmptySkyForm  +   267d ago
Lol, its funny how PSAS is already 1080p, 60fps. Why would you want it downgraded?
kB0  +   267d ago
Yeah Seriously LOL!

Santa Monica "OK guys we proved our point and did 1080p @ 60 fps...now for the ps4 ....I'm thinkin 4K at 120 frames.... wait Microsoft's cheque cleared, ok so upscaled 1080p and 20 fps capped sound good to everyone?"


Yeah let's see that "30 fps" all stars now:P think ppl! :p
Smashbro29  +   267d ago
1080i, but fuck interlaced signals so it's really 720p.
joe90  +   267d ago
No one bought it the first time, why ask for another LOL.

EDIT: i was going to back up my statement with numbers but be real here. the game sold like shit compared to the masses who was saying "Yeeehh Sony Exclusive" "Xbox only has Halo" "Day 1 Purchase" that never happened.
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DCfan  +   267d ago
Those 1 million people who bought it just vanished into thin air.
georgenancy  +   267d ago
it sold one million copies
kB0  +   267d ago
Don't MAKE HIM back up his statement;)
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   267d ago
***"No one bought it the first time, why ask for another LOL."***

It sold over a million copies though... within 6 months too, if I may add.

Unless, 1 million = no one, now lol?
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NarooN  +   267d ago
This just in everyone: ONE MILLION PEOPLE = NO ONE in terms of sales!
Mr_Writer85  +   267d ago
1 million copies is not enough and I say that as both an owner and a fan of PSASBR

It did not sell enough.

They won't do a sequal and could probably never afford the rights to characters people want.

Had the first sold 4/5million it would of gotten much more support.

The fact Sony shut down Superbot tells you it didn't make enough.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   267d ago

Superbot was cut from working Sony not shutdown. But 100% agree.

1m on a 70m+ system is sad.

SSB 64 sold 5m with little marketing on a system that sold 32m.
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snitch_puck  +   267d ago
hmmm, seriously, why the hate? We like the game, you don't. kindly scruff off somewhere else.
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Omar91  +   267d ago
Jesus calm your nipples guys it was a joke.
EmptySkyForm  +   267d ago
Hoping for a PSAS2 on PS4 with raven(Gravity Rush) as a playable character.... A man can dream.
Shmotz  +   267d ago
Hoping it will fix most, if not all, of the glitches. A few balance tweaks would be much appreciated as well.
georgenancy  +   267d ago
yeah the overpowered level 3s are really annoying
garos82  +   267d ago
Cool I still play this ever now and then.I'm up fora sequel and yes I'll get it day one.

I still think it's an underrated title even with its flaws
r21  +   267d ago
It better had fix the goddamn networking. I love the game and all but come on, MP is where the fun is to be had, the matchmaking did not work for me!
garos82  +   267d ago
As of late the matchmaking is complete and utter balls.shouldn't take so long to start up a match.also I despise the second last map in the story mode for 2v2 and ffa matches.I barely enjoy matches on that map
hellzsupernova  +   267d ago
Here's my problem I lost the disk cannot play it anymore :(
Nabbic  +   267d ago
Buy another one and make it look more popular
GenericNameHere  +   267d ago
If not a PSASBR2 reveal, then I hope at least a F2P version like Tekken Revolutions. Make it a lite version, and let PS3 and PS4 and Vita players all be able to fight each other online. I personally don't think it will be too bad in this case. The PS4 version will only have maybe half the roster, but at least it's free and able to compete online with PS3/Vita owners.
shanic77  +   267d ago
This game needs extreme balancing.

All rise for the PlayStation All stars National Anthem

(Kratos level 3 music starts playing)
Soldierone  +   267d ago
It's probably just going free to play or something like that to spark money back into it. It's pretty much dead at this point.

What I wish they would do is just simply rip off SSB and add in a dang health bar and let us knock people off maps.
Prime157  +   267d ago
Yeah, the kill system wasn't as good as it could be, but the combat was fun and interesting
Caffo01  +   267d ago
I loved the super system, for me it's something fresh, i don't want a health-bar.
WeAreLegion  +   267d ago
Hate knocking people off the map to win.
hellzsupernova  +   267d ago
I would like a hybrid have the power meters but also health and knock out style
310dodo  +   267d ago
Until Crash Syro Lara Snake make an appearance I cannot support this "sony all star" game.

Prime157  +   267d ago
I wouldn't doubt that was licencing more than anything.
310dodo  +   267d ago
well yeah

but it still falls on Sony for not keeping these legends of the PS1/PS2 era with Playstation brand.

very sad to see the line up for all stars
Mr_Writer85  +   267d ago
Sony never owned the IPs so they never had the chance to keep them.

What an utter stupid thing to say.

Infact it's YOUR fault more than Sony's. If more people had supported the game than the owners of those characters might of been willing for them to be used, also the money raised from more sales would of been able to fund the licensing of those characters.

So yeah you and everyone else with your mentality who didn't support the game it's your fault it's missing the things it is.

See how easy it is to blame anyone?
sherimae2413  +   267d ago
well said ^_^
310dodo  +   267d ago
Im glad I didnt support this game.
its not a PS all star game.

Your the reason this garbage was made in the first place.
14 yr olds who never played PS1/Ps2 era games, and think Bioshock 1 characters belong in PS all stars.

hahah keep living in your thumbs ups
Ill live in reality
Mr_Writer85  +   267d ago
I am 28 and have owned all the consoles.

And you clearly don't know how IP and licensing works so you are the last person to say anything.

Did I claim Bid Daddy was an important part of Playstation history?

I'm pretty sure I didn't but hey you find where I did and I will gladly say you are right.
28 LOL! Don't you have more important things to do at the age of 28!!?? Yeah! Way to Go OLD MAN, you show those young whipper-snappers here on the internet that you're the superior nerd!!
Mr_Writer85  +   266d ago
If a nerd is someone who is married, has a kid, has a full time job, owns his own home, and spends his free time gaming online with his friends (real ones not people he has never met) or on single player games rather then watching shit TV.

Then yes I am a nerd.
thelaughingwiseman  +   267d ago
I hope to see more female characters, I strongly root for Hana(Fear Effect) and The Boss (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater). They'd be badass additions, along with Nathan Hale and USC Trojan Football player (his power ups would be like throwing balls or tackling lol)
kratoz1209  +   267d ago
This was one of my favorite games this year
i really enjoyed this with my friends
WeAreLegion  +   267d ago
Free-to-play release HD upgrade for the PS4.
Caffo01  +   267d ago
I'd love that!
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Master-H  +   267d ago
Game's a blast to play with friends locally, the online never works for me for some reason. Hopefully some free characters announcements ?
LiQuiZoN  +   267d ago
Problem is...

Sony made two big mistakes. Missing iconic characters. Crash, Cloud, Sephiroth, Dart (who was in development).

And the Super system while fun still isn't very good. For 2 major reasons:

1) Development time and cost for adding new characters is greater, because the super cut scenes need to be developed.

2) You can't balance it that well.
Darkfist  +   267d ago
i hope they make a sequel for this, they managed to bring PaRappa, Spike and Sir Daniel from the ps1 era, i want chracters from Alundra, Journey, The Legend of Dragoon, Patapon, Q*bert, Soul Sacrifice, War of the Monsters, Wild Arms, White Knight Chronicles, Jumping Flash!, Blasto, Dark Cloud, Demon's Souls.
SpiralTear  +   267d ago
The first one should've had classic Dante. Using DMC Dante, MGR Raiden and Big Daddy made the game look like a big advertisement for games released in the same window.

If you're going to use third-party characters, you need to use third-party characters that represent Sony history, not current marketing endeavors.

Also, fix the supers. There were way too many overtimes in this game.
jakmckratos  +   266d ago
Nothing substantial=not a big deal
Welcome2Die  +   266d ago
I hope they bring back Dart, I also hope for more characters like Cloud and the likes...
The only reason I didnt buy this title is because the characters on it arent all that great...

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