Sony Releases PocketStation for PlayStation Vita, Free for PlayStation Plus Users in Japan for Now

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia teased the return of the PocketStation in some form a few days ago, and today indeed they delivered, releasing a free app for PlayStation Plus users only (at least for now) named PocketStation for PlayStation Vita.

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Qrphe1813d ago

If they released this on the West (which I really doubt), I'd finally be able to level up that Chocobo GF haha

Abriael1813d ago

I really, really hope it comes west.

PoSTedUP1813d ago

me too, but with all the little games it had that i never got to play.


I remember MGS VR Missions using it !

jsslifelike1813d ago

I remember importing mine back in '99 from Toys & Joys for FFVIII all so I could gather those resources to make Ribbons!

So, if the original interface was Memory Card slot, what will this one be? Will it need an adapter?

1813d ago
SonyNGP1813d ago

That's...great I guess?

kB01813d ago

What the F?

Looks like a Dreamcast spawn LOL!

I want it...

Abriael1813d ago

You mean you didn't know of the Pocketstation before? :D

It was pretty much a Dreamcast spawn lol.

kB01813d ago

I remember it vaguely lol! but seeing the picture on n4g gave me some serious nostalgia bites haha...

I honestly never read up on the thing:P

Qrphe1813d ago

It was, note its release date was right around the same time the DC came out. The PSX did some serious competition to the DC long before the PS2 came out.

PSjesus1813d ago

DC did it first released the VMU at 1998 while PocketStation was 1999 and few games supported it FF8 and Godzilla game

kB01813d ago

North! North! North!

NateCole1813d ago

King on the North?.



You must be a Scandinavian.

Killzoner991813d ago

Now we know where Sega got the idea for the Dreamcast.

Abriael1813d ago

That is chronologically incorrect. The Dreamcast was released two months before this :D

Omran1813d ago

so you say sony made this device in two months :D

Abriael1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

No, but it's quite unlikely that Sega got the idea for the dreamcast from something that was released two months after the dreamcast.

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The story is too old to be commented.