Holy Disappointment Batman

Well they released another Batman game. Is it bigger and better than before? Nope, not at all. Go in hoping for another great Batman experience and instead are left with a bad taste in your mouths. There is no way around it. Origins disappoints. There are countless bugs to this date that have not been fixed. And when the game is playable, you have to power through a poor excuse of a story.

Luckily it has multiplayer. So we can crap on that too. This added feature doesn’t bring anything worthwhile to the table. There is not much game here. But what amount of game is present is pretty good. Origins isn’t the game we want. Nor is it the game we deserve.

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luisvideogames1863d ago

Dang it why you gamers so greedy? You want Warner Bros to re-create the wheel again?

themultitap1863d ago

Of course not. But keep it fresh. This is a misstep as we await Rocksteady to do a proper title.

Garagleme1863d ago

Come on, it was a good game, not the best out there but still a good game.

themultitap1863d ago

Thats what we said, haha. Its not terrible but this is how it usually starts.

tweet751863d ago

its a good game. Not as good as the other 2 arkham games but its still alot of fun to play. Also if you played the other 2 alot of this youve seen before. But its still good fun.