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matrixman921747d ago

i remember playing fear effect when I was little and always trying so hard to hide it from my parents, like they knew this was in the game lol

1747d ago
guitarded771747d ago

Bioware loves to lez-out.

Bathyj1747d ago

Why have they not brought Fear Effect out since PSOne?

NarooN1747d ago

There was a Fear Effect 3 in development on PS2, but something happened to the devs and it got canned. I still have several old magazines from back then that had screenshots from it in there.

thelaughingwiseman1747d ago

Hana from Fear Effect should have been part of Playstation All Stars. She was ahead of her time, a femme fatal who was very promiscuous with her sex life. She was also able to beat the crap out of humans and supernatural entities without even chipping a nail

Inception1747d ago

Ehem...i don't mind an HD remake for Fear Effect 1 & 2.

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