The Wii Fit Meter; Gamification and fitness gets another Nintendo boost | Digitally Downloaded

Digitally Downloaded writes: "So the Wii Fit Meter makes the Wii Fit base software even more fun and engaging, but lacks the robustness to be a completely legitimate fitness tool. With that said, I hope this is a success for Nintendo, because I do like the strides that each new Wii Fit release brings with it, and I can see a time where Wii Fit comes with iPhone and PC apps as well as Cloud support to be a truly robust and entertaining fitness solution. Real gamification in action, this."

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Kyur4ThePain1838d ago

Just pack it up, Nintendo.

1838d ago
worldwidegaming1838d ago

Then what? No more more Microsoft or Sony?
Then its just one company charging $100 for a single game.
people do not realize what they said was stupid until its too late.

Kyur4ThePain1838d ago

They have completely lost the plot. If that's not clear to people I don't know what is. Nintendo tried to rise the wave that was the Wii but the wave has collapsed and now they obviously have no plan B.

for we are many1836d ago

*Nintendo comes up with a very good product, gets 4.5/5..Haters, No Nintendo, pack it up already.

*ps4/xbone get same old cod, but with frame rate issues this time, fanboys hype it up to heavens.

N4G at its finest!