Why Metro: Last Light is One of the Best Games I’ve Played this Generation

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''Earlier this year, Bioshock: Infinite dazzled the masses; its story was proclaimed as one of the best in the history of video games, its world was held in high esteem, as was the game overall, and critics and players alike looked past its faults and heaped on the praise. ‘Game of the year…no wait, of the generation!,’ some claimed. While I enjoyed the game, (although I do feel Infinite peaks in the first few hours, with the middle being rather average and the ending decent) I found myself being blown away by another title: Metro: Last Light. It left me in awe, and not just because it’s utterly beautiful, either''

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Trenta271868d ago

Agreed. This game was incredible.

Timesplitter141868d ago

We're getting some pretty great games from slavic devs lately. Metro, Stalker, DayZ, Warthunder, etc...

Can't wait to see what they bring next

camel_toad1868d ago

Man I'd love a new Stalker.

1868d ago
SolidDuck1868d ago

It thought it was good, but not great.

Pixelgate1868d ago

I (as in the kid who wrote it) have a soft spot for depressing end of the world settings, so i have a bit of biased towards it given the setting. I also really like the fact it painted the humans as villains rather than the 'greater good' like so many video games do.

fenome1868d ago


From what you just wrote PLEASE tell me you've played The Last of Us. Best experience I've had as far as a depressing end of the world setting goes in a video game.

On topic, I really need to try this game. I've been intrigued with it since I first heard of it and I've been meaning to pick it up. I seriously need to get this game

Manio311868d ago

I work on the site with Sean, the guy who wrote this article. He never shuts up about that game haha.

fenome1868d ago


Oh good, right on. I know this game got so much praise that it's almost a cliche' now, but it really is that good. Thanx for the response dude, that was cool!

fenome1868d ago

I think a lot of people on this site don't realize that the people that are involved directly with the article check up on it.. I read this heart-wrenching story about somebody that was paralyzed after a motorcycle accident. He spilled his life story about gaming and the depression he faced after the accident. Games helped him cope with it and he traveled around and spoke about it. People were totally disrespectful to him, it was terrible. People tried to say it was his fault 'cause he was on a motorcycle, and that he should go around teaching motorcycle awareness and this and that, it was terrible. This dude just brought you into his real-life struggles and you're gonna criticize how he reacted to his real ordeals..

Sorry for the rant and the wall of text, it was just impacting for me how fickle the internet can really be..

Pixelgate1868d ago

Yeah as mentioned i was a huge fan of The Last of Us. Did a bunch of pieces on it for a old site ^^

fenome1868d ago


Just curious then, why did you keep mentioning Bioshock Infinite and not The Last of US. Not a criticism or anything, just genuinely curious. Regardless, videogames are a trip and a different experience for everyone. This next generation of games is really gonna be something to experience, can't wait!!

Pixelgate1868d ago

The main reason purely down to both of them being FPS and people siting Infinite as the best recent example of a story driven FPS (as in pure FPS, not FPS RPG e.g. Fallout). That was the only real reason ^^

AAWELLS091868d ago

I love your comments man. It's refreshing seeing someone comment on here and leave the PS vs MS out. It seems like people cant make a comment without slipping in some fanboyism even if its just a small poke. Thanks

fenome1868d ago

This is my last bubble so this will be my last reply. That's what I figured, they're both similar in that aspect, it really bothered me earlier this year all the comparisons between Bioshock: Infinite and The Last of Us, but I think that's just because personally I find The Last of Us the soooo much better game. To each his own though. Good read, keep up the good work! Man, what I wouldn't give to get into game journalism.

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martinezjesus19931868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

I loved the game, with that being said, I never finished it, The Last of Us came out and I never looked back, amazing game though.

gusgusjr1868d ago

Always loved the Metro franchise, but not game of the year material. I don't know if a modern day fps can get that title. They've become to much corridor to corridor for my taste. Bioshock is different because story and such and such....Hopefully next gen can open these first person shooters up a little bit(level design).

jjb19811868d ago

It was fun, especially the library DLC

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