Tales of Xillia On Sale at Amazon

oprainfall writes:

"The game’s price is also reduced at retailers such as Gamestop and Best Buy, but they are currently selling the game at $39.99, while Amazon is selling it at $29.99."

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Rockefellow1839d ago

Huh, I'd forgotten about this game. I was waiting for a good sale before jumping on it, and now the PS4 is right around the corner...

I suppose it'd make a good Christmas gift to myself.

DCfan1839d ago

I wouldn't miss it for 30$ myself. Though, i bought it on day 1 and the day 1 edition was good enough for me

CanadianTurtle1839d ago

I don't have a PS3 anymore, but if I did, I actually wouldn't mind getting this game at full price. The Tales games are known for their super long length. Gives you a lot for your money in my opinion.

Rockefellow1839d ago

Yeah, and everyone seems to agree this is the best one to come out this entire generation. I just ordered a copy, why the hell not? Maybe I'll get around to beating it by the time Symphonia ships next year.

1839d ago
Stringerbell1839d ago

This game will be 19.99 @ Gamestop come BF. This is my plan though for BF (please dont tell anyone /s.) Target has a special edition of the game which comes with extra DLC, an artbook, music cd etc. My plan is to go to Target price match and hope I can snag one of those limited editions. I say this will work because in the past I price matched Tomb Raider when Best Buy had it on sale and I got multiple copies of Target's limited edition steel book version. Hold out for a few more weeks guys and you can potentially score a great deal.

noxeven1839d ago

I agree with you. My plan is see if amazon will hit 20 as well.

Inception1839d ago

If you love JRPG, than get Xillia. It's worth every penny of it.