5 PSOne Games That Completely Changed Your Life

"Sony’s PlayStation was a game changer.

There can be no doubt that this medium sized grey machine bore the possibilities and potential to take us from badly animated 2D cartridge based adventures to exploring locations, worlds and even Universes in an unprecedented and often awe-inspiring way. Before the PlayStation came along there question of accepting anything other than what was presented before you – the blocky designs and animations were the pinnacle of technological achievement – but in a few short years this technology gave rise to some of the most innovative, well-written and strongly executed material in gaming."

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Qrphe1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

There are too many, but for starters it was The Legend of Dragoon, FF8, Spyro: Year of the Dragon, Gran Turismo and Toshinden Arena (first psone game I ever had/played).

Sitdown1840d ago

With you on Toshinden......I wore out that demo disk.

PoSTedUP1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

good list. gta was fun but i enjoyed Driver a whole lot more.
crash was fun with the family tryna beat levels etc. but Spyro was my alone time. both were epic.

(OCD incoming)

dave mirras bmx, gran turismo, road rash 3D, Point Blank, fighting force, LAPD future cop, Fade to Black, tomb raider, n4s, persona's, nhl97, tripleplay98, 2Xtreme, tony hawk, cool borders2, tomba, syphon filters, Gex, 007 worlds not enough, tekken2, wu-tang36chambers, spec ops, independence day, DieHard Trilogy, judge dredd, jurassic park, ctr, echo the dolphin, Hot Shots Golf, COLONY WARS!, toy soldiers, wipeout, Ridge Racer, TWISTED METAL,

just off of the top, errr now i gotta go look at a list, ill be back! XD
edit: Army Men (not toy soldiers)

Majin-vegeta1840d ago

LOD had the best battle system to date.Hopefully we can finally see a sequel or prequel this gen.

Agent_00_Revan1840d ago


Its changed the way I looked at games forever.