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Over 15,000 Fans Join Petition For Final Fantasy Type 0 Localization

PlayStation Euphoria: Operation Suzaku, the petition group who want Final Fantasy Type 0′s localization, has received over 15,000 signatures on Avaaz. (Final Fantasy Type-0, PS Vita, PSP)

vishmarx  +   538d ago
this might just end up in an hd collection on a console
jc48573  +   538d ago
I don't mind. You know, they can simply bundle it with Final Fantasy XII Zodiac.
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vishmarx  +   538d ago
FlameHawk  +   538d ago
I would love a Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 HD, one of my favorite FF games.
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zeal0us  +   538d ago
SE is in the same league as Sega. They will only localize games if they deem them profitable.
porkChop  +   538d ago
Just give the game English subs, UI, and menus. Add some touch screen and touch pad functions, map the camera to the right analog stick. Spice up the graphics a bit, throw some AA on, render at 960x544, then release it as a digital PS Vita game. Minimal risk for what would be a very successful product.
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KonsoruMasuta  +   538d ago
SE isn't going to do all of that.

If you get a port, it's not going to be anything special.
dark-kyon  +   538d ago
square enix do no care for the fans,only care for the money,big money,they can put the game in the west but not gonna make to much money now,better for they wait and try to sell the game when they believe what can make more money.meanwhile small compañy how nis and aksys bring games to the west to get low profit but they care for his fans,my money gonna go to them,square enix can go to the hell.
Inception  +   538d ago
I don't understand why SE treat Type-0 like a garbage. I mean, are adding a resolution, add some touch screen / pad, some english subs / UI, and release it for PS3 + Vita in japan + west really take a big chunk of risk for them??? I'm sure the answer is NO.

But it's like...if they release Type-0 in the west than that's mean they will gone bankrupt because of it -_-
Pozzle  +   538d ago
As much as I want it to be localized, I'm not holding my breath. I'll be genuinely surprised if Square ever brings it to the West. :(
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   538d ago
I swear SE is one of the most backwards company I've seen in recent memory. Why do we even have to petition for it to be localized anyway? People want it so bring it over to the west! Why would you turn down money?

SE: You want Type 0?
Fans: Yes!
SE: Well too bad you ain't getting it!

SE: You want a Final Fantasy 13 trilogy?
Fans: NO!
SE: Well too bad we're giving it to you anyway!
dark-kyon  +   538d ago
?why we need to beg for a final fantasy?
-we need to beg for what is the first time what a major final fantasy is exclusive in a system what do not make money in the west,publishers how square enix do not want to wasted his time to get low profit.
nope111  +   538d ago
Dammit square, release it digitally with english subs if you have to.
gunboss201  +   538d ago
I can only just wait and see if SE will even go and acknowledge the people who signed up for this.. I want it too..
KonsoruMasuta  +   538d ago
That's not nearly enough to persuade SE to localize it in the west. Sucks for westerners. May I suggest Rosetta Stone?

What they really need to do is make a proper sequel. I already played Type O, I'm craving the next installment.
If it comes it should be on vita. Not likely, but would be great.
belac09  +   538d ago
it will never happen if it hasnt already. dont get me wrong, i REALLY want it to. i just dont think it is high up on their list.
gano  +   538d ago
still waiting....
leahcim  +   538d ago

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