The Divnich Tapes: Why Do Bad Wii Games Sell So Well?

It's no big industry secret that there is a strong correlation between game quality and sales, and a table at Gamasutra reinforces that assumption for next-gen games with only one exception -- the Nintendo Wii.

Going in-depth as to why there's a strong correlation between sales and quality with the PS3 and the Xbox 360 would mostly be stating the obvious. The interesting story lies behind the Wii's success and why quality scores -- in some cases -- are generally insignificant to Wii consumers.

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PS360WII3860d ago

well because it's all a matter of opinion really.

ChickeyCantor3860d ago

..yeah its that obvious, if its really bad to everyone they wouldn't sell.

These people apparently like it

MK_Red3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

While I agree that everyone has his or her opinion, I don't think that means those games are good. This means the buyers have low standards.

Just like movies, look how garbage like Meet the Spartans, Epic Movie and Dukes of Hazzard did so well at the box office. They were unwatchable but sadly, most people have very very low standards. Thats the same for most of buyers of games like Carnival Games and the upcoming Wii Fit (And yes, that's a bad example but I had to show my hatred for Wii Fit somewhere ;) )
I'm not saying Wii owners and buyers are stupid or anything. I just think that the same people that helped Epic Movie sell are helping bad games on Wii to be successful.

CNIVEK3860d ago Show
himdeel3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

...any system that can get people over the age of 60 and under the age of 10 to play a game together it's a result of some distilled pure ingenuity, mixed with a whole megaton of console black magic magic, and sprinkled with a few choice Jedi mind tricks.

Individuals that "only" play Wii games regularly don't typically strike me as "normal" gamers, heck they don't even strike me as casual gamers, but something else very VERY unique and different. I don't feel that these people aren't looking for the usual gaming experience, and don't care to engage in it.

I'd also argue that they aren't as critical about the quality of the games they are playing and would be VERY turned off by whatever the hot game is now on 360/PS3.

CNIVEK3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

The people buying the Wii, don't really know what a bad game IS...and there's really not much else to buy anyway. After the 1st-party titles, there's maybe 5 Wii games that are worthy of anything more than a 6/10 and a quick trip to the bargain bin. In fact, a LOT of Wii games, are rehashed PS2/GC, DS, or really old arcade/pc titles.

mccomber3860d ago

Many people I know with a Wii decide what game they are going to buy based entirely on the box art as they are standing in the store. It looks like fun to them, so they buy it. And generally speaking, they aren't as disappointed by crap games as most of us would be, they just play the game.

MK_Red3860d ago

Well, because Wii's audience and buyers are mostly non-gamers and they don't have any idea of what is a good and what is not.

They don't look at games as art, they just want to pass the time and Carnival Games and Wii Sports are perfect for them.

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