PS Vita System Update 3.00 Live Now - Readies up the PS Vita for the PS4

Sony recently announced that the PS Vita's System Update 3.0 was on the way, and it's live now.

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JoGam1537d ago


1537d ago
mikeslemonade1537d ago

PSVITA is the boy and PS4 is the girl. Big Momma is coming back in 10 days!

LordMaim1537d ago

Not sure what that means, JG, but I'm there.

GentlemenRUs1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Just got it here in the UK.

It's coming guys and gals!

EDIT: Nice! The update contains some nice features/fixes too :P

EDIT2: "Searching for the PS4™ system..." - "Cannot find a PS4™ system."... Only 3-4 weeks to go in the UK now :D!

Majin-vegeta1537d ago

Little over a week here in the U.S ;D

GentlemenRUs1537d ago

Yeah I know... But I have the Vita to pass the time :P

Rockefellow1537d ago

I'm sure he knows that. That's why he specified he was in the U.K., you know, because every other comment on N4G is a countdown for the PS4 release here.

Now excuse me, I'm going to go to sleep until the 15th.

ftwrthtx1537d ago

The PS4 update should be going live before too long. Hopefully we can have it downloaded and ready to go before launch.

0ut1awed1537d ago

You mean for the Vita? If so is this not it? It adds PS4 remote play, second screen, and party support for the Vita.

ftwrthtx1537d ago

I know this update is for the Vita. I also know that the PS4 will have a day 1 update. I would like to be able to download the PS4 update prior to my PS4 showing up so I won't have to wait to download the update.

Thehyph1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

My bad.

Must have read something wrong.

ftwrthtx1537d ago

The official PS4 update download hasn't been released yet.

TheTowelBoy1537d ago

Downloading now! And YES. This is my first comment on this site! Good to be here lol So excited about the Vita+Ps4 working in tandem.

Thehyph1537d ago

Welcome! I'm pretty new here myself.

I'm excited, too.
Beware of the trolling and fanboys. Just try to weed through it all with a clear mind and you'll be fine.

Campy da Camper1537d ago

Its too late....N4G has him now. Muah hahahaha

dantesparda1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Welcome from a old timer, I've been here since 2005

Sevir1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Yep... Ive been here since all the Drama of E3 2005!!! This place has changed since then!


dantesparda1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Yes it has, and it was the way the MS fanboys were acting that turned me off to them and started making me look at Sony, because before that, i had never bought any Sony systems. And this is coming from a guy who stayed out overnight to get the 360

GirlOnFire1537d ago

Welcome home! ^~^ Enjoy the great wait till PS4 arrives at our doorsteps with us.

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The story is too old to be commented.