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Alissa from Twinfinite writes, "I love my Playstation Vita and thus I can probably be a little generous with my opinions on the games that are released to the system. Valhalla Knights 3 will not be seeing any of that forgiveness. I had expected it to be, at the very least, an average JRPG. What I hadn’t expected was the amount of crap I’d have to wade through in order to uncover that experience. Between tedious mechanics and an overwhelming amount of sexist and rapey comments directed at females, I had a really time finding any generosity during my playthrough."

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ChrisW1837d ago

Oh! I see... A female reviewer... I was wondering why there was so much negativity concerning sexual stuff.

militissanctus1837d ago

I reviewed the same game a couple weeks ago and levied the same complaints with the sexual stuff. It's far too overbearing...

Pozzle1837d ago

This review isn't too different from other reviews though. The game is getting absolutely lambasted. I haven't played the game yet but if the sexy stuff is so overbearing that it gets in the way of a JRPG's story, then that would bother me too.

Hicken1837d ago

Instead of getting a little sexy in your JRPG, you're getting a little JRPG in your sexy.

Well, I can (probably) dig it.