EA football monopoly lawsuit settlement checks being sent out

PG:EA came to an out-of-court settlement with the plaintiffs in Pecover v. Electronic Arts in July 2012, and agreed to pay $27 million into a fund that would be allocated to lawyers' fees and the class-action claimants in the case. The payouts were held up by appeals this past summer, but a federal court in California dismissed them, allowing the settlement checks to go out this fall.

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NYC_Gamer1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

I'm waiting for the return of 2K NFL games

badboy7761840d ago

Does this mean we will be getting NFL 2K soon?

WickedLester1840d ago

Would love to see it! I would also love to see San Diego Studios (makers of MLB The Show) take a stab at an NFL Football game as well!

HappyWithOneBubble1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Not until the license is up with EA and NFL. That may never happen since it always get renewed. The best way to get NFL 2K back is to stop buying Madden every year. If no profit being made they have no choice but to end license and what a joyful day that will be.

iceman061840d ago

Not necessarily. It means that there was "proof" that EA monopolized football. Those that filed in the class-action suit will receive some compensation. However, the exclusive agreement is up for renewal at the end of this football season. I expect that it will be continued as the rumors keep saying that EA is just trying to get the NFL to come down on the price. So, it's f#%K you, pay me!!! /s Actually, I can't remember whether I joined the class or not. I DID receive the information in the mail, but as with most class action suits, they take so damn long to adjudicate that I really don't know if I sent it back or just tossed it. That sucks too because, according to the article, I could stand to make about $100. I used to buy Madden every other year and some of the off years I would buy NCAA.

SoapShoes1840d ago

@WickedLester - I'd love another NFL Gameday!! Gameday 97 was an awesome game!!


No. The exclusive license is up for renewal soon. theres no reason the nfl wont renew it with EA. chances are it will get renewed for another few years and well be stuck with only madden again. EA lost its exclusive license with NCAA though. i think the best chance 2K has at eventually scoring an NFL license is to make a GREAT NCAA game. show the nfl youre capable of making something great, and maybe theyll be ready to cut the exclusive deal with EA.

Nobody is more capable of making a great football game than 2K. every 2k football game was fantastic. remember how 2k5 came out for $19.99? that took out a huge chunk of maddens sales..

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RedDevils1840d ago

I wish 2k make football game, instead of EA and Konami making fifa and PES respectively

Sitdown1840d ago

Wonder if the 2K football magic is gone following the All Star game..... Gosh I loved the 2K series, and hated Madden.

diehllane1840d ago

I can't imagine 2K coming back to football after all this time.

iceman061840d ago

I can't imagine that it could be worse than what there is now. If the engine that they built for NBA 2K is flexible enough, then it's really down to ideas. They wouldn't have a time crunch and could pretty much take their time to really develop a game. Plus, some of the original crew from the NFL game have stuck around, so ideas should be copious.

badboy7761840d ago

It's a new gen start from scratch!

SKUD1840d ago

Forever stuck with Madden. More sad times ahead.

donscrillinger1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

bring back 2k nfl football and wheres my check @ dont say nothing give it here

max05831840d ago

It will not be renewed and we will see football games made by other guys will see .if something was going to be done it would have happened way before the contract expires.