Super Mario 3D World Visuals Puts Super Mario Galaxy 2 to Shame

Maybe Super Mario 3D World's visuals need just a little more love than it's already getting. Come see why for yourself!

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Chuk51868d ago

I should hope so, it's a generation leap.

adorie1868d ago

Fuggin day 1. Been waiting for this.

-Foxtrot1868d ago

Next gen it should

However it won't beat SMG in terms of gameplay/level design/music...SMG2 was just fantastic.

Yep1868d ago

I wouldn't count SM3DW out yet, I used to think the same shortly after E3 2013, but those last few trailers have been showing promising content.

-Foxtrot1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

It's looks good but nothing special like the first time I saw Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Sunshine. Those ideas/settings hadn't been done before while SM3DW the form of it's 3DS counter part.

It hasn't got the "wow" factor 64, Sunshine and Galaxy did. So I'm hoping this isn't part of that collection of Mario games and they have something else planned in the future


"just with the idea that this game is simply a 3DS port. It's already doing things the 3DS couldn't, both in the gameplay and graphics department."

At the end of the day it can change it up as much as you want, improve it, add certain stuff but at it's core it's the same concept with added features. Hell it's even got roughly the same name, it's a console version of a 3DS Mario game like what they did to New Super Mario Bros to New Super Mario Bros Wii/U.

Nothing fully wrong with it but I wish people would just admit it. Thats why in my opinion it's not really the spiritual successor of Mario 64 for the Wii U. Maybe that Open World Mario game they talked about open world Mario game, now thats something that hasn't been done before.

Yep1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

I don't disagree with the idea that this game won't reach Galaxy levels of game (Gonna be a while before that happens again), just with the idea that this game is simply a 3DS port. It's already doing things the 3DS couldn't, both in the gameplay and graphics department.

Concertoine1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Well me personally, i'll wait until the game comes out until i say it wont ever beat SMG. Because i've never been a fan of galaxy in the first place, it felt too linear to me. This is linear too, but at least its cooperative.
"Nothing fully wrong with it but I wish people would just admit it."
I really don't like when people determine their opinion as fact. Perhaps people "won't admit it", because they genuinely are wowed by the first multiplayer 3D mario game, as well as the first one in HD. There's nothing wrong with that, they shouldnt have to admit anything -__-

live2play1868d ago

I agree abouy galaxy there was nothong like it before it. There had veen nothing like mario 64 before.

But cmon you have to admit. Alot if not most mario fans have been waiting for a multiplayer 3d mario game. Wel for me atleast ever since 64.

That alone is a big step. And revolutionary in its own way or should i say evolutionary.

and no your right 3D worlds mission is not to be new and wow us like galaxy did.
Its meant to refine and perfect 3d and 2d blend platforming
And going by the latest trailers I'd say its missipn accomplished.

Reeze1868d ago

This game is looking better and better. I cannot wait! Multiplayer looks fantastic! It's a shame you can't play with your Miiverse buddies, though.

Auron1868d ago

lol look at the specs of the two systems, and its easy to figure out why the visuals are better than galaxy.

ABizzel11868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Agreed. Galaxy was done on GameCube 1.5, and now SM3DW is being done on their new console (aka PS360 1.5)

That being said the game does look good.

Fanboyssuck271867d ago

Biggest load of rubbish I've ever heard. Stop takin whatever drugs ur taking. Lol

ABizzel11867d ago


Show me why what I said was "Biggest load of rubbish".

The Wii uses the same CPU and GPU of the GameCube with 1.5x over-clocks. The only unknown is the RAM from the GameCube compared to the Wii.

Wii = GameCube 1.5

Now the Wii U's CPU is 3x the Wii's with an over-cock of 1.7x (OoE helps the Wii U CPU compete with PS3 overall, and exceed 360), the GPU is only 1 tier above the PS360 GPU equivalents, and the Wii U has 2GB of RAM; (4x the PS360) however, it's half the speed of the PS3's RAM and uses eSDRAM to make up for the speed, so compared to the 360 the Wii U's slow, split RAM (1GB games, 1GB OS) is only slightly above the efficiency of the 360's RAM as far as games go (it has the benefit of 1GB still for OS).

Wii U = PS360 1.5

I would love to hear any technological response on why you think my comment was "rubbish". But I'm sure you don't have one, because to you and other like you simply saying Version 1.5 is an insult, when in fact that's exactly what it is. If you're not bringing intelligent or insightful information to the conversation then stay out of it.

You might want to change your name to "isuckasaFanboy27".

ABizzel11866d ago

Disagrees, yet no one intelligent enough to come up with an educated response....desperate fanboys.

ColinZeal1868d ago

No shit? How biased can this site be?
Oh, right...
Nintendo fanboys... Christ...

NightStalker331868d ago

As opposed to N4G and Gamespot with the Sony fanboys, right?

Knushwood Butt1868d ago

They also forgot the gameplay > graphics thing that used to be used as a first line of defense for bad looking Wii games.

live2play1868d ago

Gameplay>graphics SHOULD be uses for ANY game...

Dehnus1867d ago

Oh wasn't that the line for Sony Ponies 2 generations ago and again 1 generation ago with the 360? After the "Just you wait!" didn't happen?

And now the line for the Xbots with the Xbox One vs PS 4 stuff?

For me it is actually correct, gameplay > Graphics. Story > Graphics, Music > Graphics (for me at least music can be a deal breaker) and Fun > All.

But that is my personal stance on the matter, some people just enjoy comparing pixels more then playing the game.

kirbyu1868d ago

How is saying 3D World has better graphics than Galaxy 2 a Nintendo fanboy-ish thing?

Yep1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

What I don't understand is what the site is being biased towards. I mean, its comparing games from the same company lol.

live2play1868d ago

...because galaxy was on the ps3...?
How can they be biased when their both nintendo games?
How dumb can someone be?

Oh, right...
Nintendo trolls...christ...

iplay1up21867d ago

What the heck is your problem? The game does look better. Is the only reason you came to this post, to troll? I am a gamer and not a "fanboy", and I like what I see. Spewing out hate, a gamer does not make you.

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